Detailing Training

Since our first official training class in April of 2012, we have trained hundreds of detailers from a dozen countries around the world. During that time we have made a lot of new friends, and have watched many of our students transition from part-time detailers, to full-time growing businesses.

Just as our students’ businesses have evolved, so has ours! In the early days of the Elite Detailer Academy, it was just me, plus a part-time Admin. Now we have grown into a much larger (and busier) organization. 

Given that amount of growth, and the demands and responsibilities that come with it, we will be discontinuing our in-person Elite Detailer Academy (except for those who have already registered for classes this summer and fall).

Since we know that there's such a need and demand for proper training, we will be launching a comprehensive online training program that includes every bit of information that we did in our in-person classes, plus some extra. After a decade of teaching, we have developed the best curriculum to meet the needs of the aspiring detailer. This will also enable many more students from around the world to get the proper education, without having to take the time and expense of traveling to Ohio, USA. 

Please be sure to sign up for our Newsletter (found towards the bottom of our homepage), as that is where we will be making announcements of the official launch of our online classes. 

We thank all of the students who have passed through our training facility over the past decade, and wish everybody the absolute best in their businesses.

As a reminder, we do have a lot of educational materials available on our YouTube channel that will help you to develop your automotive detailing skills.

Best regards,
Todd Cooperider, Founder and Trainer
ESOTERIC – Fine Auto Finishing

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