Gyeon Q2 One, 30ml Kit

Gyeon Q2 One

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Q2 One
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Q2 One is Gyeon's entry level coating, designed for the novice who might have previously been accustomed to using waxes or sealants. Q2 One was formulated to offer incredibly easy application and removal, while offering great durability and affordability.

Gyeon Q2 One is as easy as a wax, glossy like a glaze, while being just as durable and chemical-resistant as a coating. Q2 One has excellent water-beading (hydrophobic) properties, producing a contact angle great than 100 degrees.

Longevity of Q2 One is going to be around 12 months, with additional durability possible with layering the coating. 1 30ml bottle of Gyeon Q2 One will be enough to coat one vehicle, with a larger 50ml bottle available additional layers/vehicles.

Note: Once the bottle is opened, the curing process begins. Do not leave dropper attached to bottle, and be sure to use coating within a month or so of opening. 


Q2 One, as well as other Gyeon products, is entirely resistant to chemicals whose pH lies in the range of 2-11. It provides easiness of cleaning irrespective of chosen car washing procedure. It also strengthens the resistance of the coating itself to any damage caused by aggressive chemicals used in automatic car wash.


As with any of Gyeon's coatings, Q2 One will make you maintenance and cleaning procedures much easier, as the coating will help resist dirt and debris from bonding with the surface of the paintwork. This ability to easily clean your car will reduce the amount of agitation that is required to care for the car over the long term, meaning your car will be less susceptible to scratches and marring.