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Q2 Syncro
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Gyeon Q2 Syncro Coating

First 2-Stage Coating System Available to Consumers

Gyeon Q2 Syncro was designed from the ground-up to take into account the available synergies between a base layer of coating and a top layer of coating. Up to this point, this technology was not available to the consumer market. Gyeon has made significant investments in advancements and scale to be able to make this affordable enough for consumers!

Gyeon's staple-product, MOHS, has been reformulated for even easier application and removal, and serves as the base-layer for Q2 Syncro. The MOHS base-layer provides the thick, durable, protective layer of coating, allowing for the Skin top-coat to add gloss and unbelievable hydrophobic properties. The slickness of Q2 Syncro produces excellent self-cleaning abilities, while also producing water contact angles over 120 degrees.

Gyeon Q2 Syncro is available to the general public, but it was designed to deliver results that rival most professional-only coatings. Q2 Syncro must be layered with either 2 or 3 layers of the MOHS base-layer, and 1 layer of the Skin top-coat. The Gyeon Q2 Syncro kit comes with a 50ml bottle of MOHS, and a 30ml bottle of Skin, which will be enough to coat one vehicle.

Because of the synergies between the MOHS base-layer and the Skin top-coat, 1+1 now equals 3! The combination of the 2 coatings provides longevity that will last longer than 2 years when properly maintained. As with all of Gyeon's coatings, the chemical resistance of Q2 Syncro protects against pH levels from 2-11, covering the spectrum of most of the harshest of chemicals one might come across.

Important Notes

  • Once the bottle of coating is opened, the curing process begins, even if you put the cap back on tightly. Once opened, you should use the coating within one month's time.
  • Please be sure to use all coatings as soon as you can from the time you receive them.
  • All coatings have a limited shelf life due to the chemical nature of how they crystallize. Look to use coatings within 4-6 months of receiving them (less if bottle is opened).

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    Gyeon Q2 Syncro

    Posted by Scott Maxwell on 29th Jun 2018

    I heard about this product from a You Tube Channel Corvettes918 and he had so much good to say about this product I thought I should give it a try. I watched the videos and felt very comfortable doing it myself and I have to it is the Best upgrade I could have ever done to my car the shine is out of this world and way the paint actually feels is incredible.
    This does take some time to put it on correctly, but besides the time it was not hard if you follow the instructions and the video.

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    It's slick...literally very, very slick.

    Posted by KF on 30th Jan 2018

    When I first saw the release/introduction of Gyeon Syncro via the Esoteric SEMA 2017 video, I was quite intrigued at the possibility of them introducing a kit version of the Gyeon Mohs + Gyeon Booster combo. According to Gyeon reps I had spoken with previously, the Gyeon Mohs + Booster combo is an approximation of their pro-only Durabead product, slightly less concentrated and tweaked for easier application. While Mohs itself is one of my top coating choices, the fluorine-based Booster adds longevity, a bit of gloss and superb hydrophobic/water behavior characteristics. Unfortunately, with a list price of around $200 for the 50ml Mohs + 30ml Booster combo, it’s getting up there a bit in price for a hobbyist like myself who has an unfortunate penchant for trying every coating product I can get my hands on. Especially when I see one with a claimed water contact angle > 120

    After contacting Gyeon again, it appears that the Gyeon Syncro offering is actually a less concentrated, consumer approximation of their new Gyeon Duraflex product, using the ever-popular Mohs as a base and the new Skin as a top coat. The top coat of Skin included in this kit is what really stands out as it leaves one of the slickest feels to the paint of any coating I have used. It even surpasses the slickness of many, if not all, of the coating booster/maint SiO2 spray products I have used on top of coatings as well. It’s towel-sliding-off-hood, old school carnauba wax slick…and then some; at least I think the old carnauba waxes were slick…been a long time since I pulled out a tin of Rain Dance. As a bonus, it adds a glossier look to the Mohs base, which by itself is quite nice looking, a very classy kind of gloss if that makes any sense.

    As for the application of Syncro, it starts with 1-3 layers of the newly tweaked, 2018 formulation of Mohs. With its near immediate bond to the paint, Mohs is pretty much a wipe on, wipe off affair, with the instructions indicating a dwell time of between 10-30 seconds after application/leveling. Indoors at about 65 degrees F, this proved to be right on the mark. Working with small areas (half of the rather smallish hood, for example), the application still went quickly on the new 2018 Race Red Ford Transit van I was using it on. Absent any IR Curing, I let it cure for about 2hrs between the 1st and 2nd layers of Mohs (Gyeon indicates a minimum of 1 hour between coats) and then let the second coat of Mohs cure for about 5hrs before reaching for the bottle of Skin (Gyeon recommends a minimum of 4hrs between Mohs and Skin). While it does have a somewhat of a chemical odor, the Mohs applied quite nicely and evenly, a bit more forgiving that the previous version but not overly so. It certainly doesn’t fall into the ‘difficult’ category regarding application but rather straightforward and consistent in its application characteristics.

    The application of the Skin topcoat is more entertaining; larger sections can be covered ( the entire smallish hood of a Transit Van for instance ) and it’s really a wipe on/level/wipe off immediately proposition. The surface of an applied area takes on an incredible slickness pretty much immediately, leaving no doubt which sections it has/has not been applied to. The gloss it left on top of the Mohs was quite nice, sharper and more reflective than Mohs alone; not so much in the ‘candy-gloss’ territory but rather in the ‘brilliant’ category if one were needing to make a distinction. It’s an easier and more ‘apparent’ application than Gyeon Booster, which flashes so quickly it sometimes leads to questions of “Did I do that section or not?” in one’s mind.

    While Gyeon includes a bottle of Cure in the kit, the instructions indicate that its initial use is optional (after 12hrs of curing following Skin application), specifically stating “There is no necessity to apply Q2M Cure although it remains an excellent maintenance product”. I skipped the Cure as this vehicle will likely not see the outdoors for 2 weeks yet and I didn’t want Cure to interfere with the delightful slickness of the Skin topcoat.

    After curing indoors for about 60hrs over the weekend, I poured and then spritzed some water on the hood; the pouring water sheeted off very nicely and quickly and the spritzed water beaded quite well before gravity took over and the larger beads began sliding off the hood. It looks like it will be an entertaining one to watch once rain returns to our area this Spring and freeway driving in the rain will likely be something to see as well. Overall, I have high hopes for this product. The slickness and feel to the surface is incredible and if longevity proves worthy, it’s going to be a real winner with its relatively straightforward (albeit a bit more time consuming) application, great gloss, amazing slick final feel and what appears to be great water behavior.

    Specifics of the application were:
    Temperature: 65 degrees F, low humidity inside heated warehouse
    - Mohs applied with Gyeon block and Esoteric microfiber applicator cloths, Skin applied with Gyeon block and Gyeon microsuede cloths.

    - 1st wipe on coating/topcoat removal done with Gyeon PolishWipe towel, 2nd wipe/buff done with Rag Company Wizard edgeless microfiber towel (both for Mohs and Skin)

    The vehicle I applied it to was a Race Red 2018 Ford Transit 130” wheelbase panel van; applying to all areas of paintwork aside from roof (used another product there as I was not sure how far 50ml of Mohs would stretch) I ended up with 2 coats of Mohs, using about 40ml in all and 1 coat of Skin, using about 20ml; guess I coulda done the roof after all…live and learn.

    As it was new, vehicle got standard wash, chemical, mechanical decon, Gyen Prep wipedown, light polish with Jescar Finishing Polish, Gyeon Prep wipedown (twice) and then coating application.

    Very pleased with the outcome, it still left me with the question of Mohs + Booster or Syncro; in what situations might one prefer one over the other? Not able to come up with an suitable (and credible) answer of my own, I contacted Gyeon again and got the following response from Jeremy @ Gyeon:

    Thank you for your interest in Gyeon products.

    As you have probably noticed, the Gyeon range is divided in 3 levels: Enthusiast, Professional and Gyeon Certified Detailer.

    The top of the range are 3 coatings designed to be used by Certified Detailers, all coming with warranties and demanding certain conditions to be applied correctly.

    As a enthusiast willing to come as close as possible to the Certified range, you have in fact 2 options:

    Q2 Mohs with Q2 Booster on top - which does not directly equal Q2 DuraBead as the Q2 Bead top coat has more concentration than the widely available Q2 Booster. Although this combo comes close.

    Q2 Syncro, so Q2 Mohs topped with the Q2 Skin top coat. It does differ from Q2 DuraFlex mainly because of the base coating (in case of the DuraFlex, it’s a Certified-only base coating, Q2 Base) and the concentration as well.

    Which to choose? Not an easy question, as both have their specifics and advantages. I’d say they are equally good, but different.

    As both combinations have the same base coat, we should focus on the top ups:

    Q2 Skin
    - is a silicone-based top coat
    - designed to be used on top of Q2 Mohs
    - builds a layer on top of Q2 Mohs and doesn't react like Q2 Bead
    - repellency: very hydrophobic, repels water instantly
    - slickness: beyond anything else!
    - resistance: full chemical resistance
    - gloss: similar to Q2 Mohs+, so very, very glossy!

    Q2 Booster
    - is a fluorine-based top coat
    - designed to be used on top of Q2 Mohs
    - reacts with the base coat (Mohs) changing its surface tension and repellency
    - repellency: super hydrophobic
    - slickness: lower than Q2 Skin, but still very high.
    - resistance: full chemical resistance
    - gloss: more shine than gloss.

    Hope this comparison helps you making the right choice.