Gyeon Q2M Compound

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Q2M Compound 120ml
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Product Overview

Gyeon Q2M Compound

High Cutting Power with a Glossy Finish

Q²M Compound is a heavy cutting paste, delivering excellent performance and a high level of scratch removal combined with a very low level of dust and an incomparable finish.

A high level of cutting power comes with an impressively low dust level and high quality finish. Q²M Compound formula is water-based and contains high quality Japanese abrasives, allowing great results in just one cutting paste. No silicone or fillers make the procedure of pre-coating preparation and polish removal much easier and quicker.

Instructions for Using Q2M Compound

Work with a polishing machine of your choice (rotary, dual-action or orbital with forced rotation). Spread at low revs. Work until fully diminished at medium revs. Wipe off with an high quality microfiber cloth. Use Q2M Prep to remove the remaining product and inspect the result. If needed, re-use until the desired result is reached.