Gyeon Q2M Microfiber Applicator 2-Pack

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Q2M MF Applicator, 2 pack
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Gyeon Q2M Microfiber Applicator 2-Pack

The Gyeon Q²M MF Applicator is a great option for coating application on large panels, hard to access areas, or complex-shaped surfaces. Whether the surface is a painted panel, leather upholstery, plastic trim, or wheels, the high quality microfiber applicator will produce an even and smooth layer of coating. The ergonomic shape improves grip and prevents the applicator from falling on the ground.

You can also use Gyeon's Microfiber Applicators to apply a traditional wax or sealant. Simply apply a small amount of product on the applicator, then spread evenly around the car as you normally would with a wax or sealant.

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