Gyeon Q2 Syncro Coating Kit

Gyeon Syncro Pro Kit

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Q2 Syncro Pro Kit
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Gyeon Q2 Syncro Pro Kit 
includes everything you need for a professional and durable vehicle coating.

SAVE 15% by buying it in kit form compared to all items individually!

Kit includes:

Gyeon Q2 Syncro Coating

Gyeon Q2 Syncro was designed from the ground-up to take into account the available synergies between a base layer of coating and a top layer of coating. Up to this point, this technology was not available to the consumer market. Gyeon has made significant investments in advancements and scale to be able to make this affordable enough for consumers!


Gyeon's staple-product, MOHS, has been reformulated for even easier application and removal, and serves as the base-layer for Q2 Syncro. The MOHS base-layer provides the thick, durable, protective layer of coating, allowing for the Skin top-coat to add gloss and unbelievable hydrophobic properties. The slickness of Q2 Syncro produces excellent self-cleaning abilities, while also producing water contact angles over 120 degrees.


Gyeon Q2 Syncro is available to the general public, but it was designed to deliver results that rival most professional-only coatings. Q2 Syncro must be layered with either 2 or 3 layers of the MOHS base-layer, and 1 layer of the Skin top-coat. The Gyeon Q2 Syncro kit comes with a 50ml bottle of MOHS, and a 30ml bottle of Skin, which will be enough to coat one vehicle.

Note: Once the bottle is opened, the curing process begins. Do not leave dropper attached to bottle, and be sure to use coating within a month or so of opening.


Because of the synergies between the MOHS base-layer and the Skin top-coat, 1+1 now equals 3! The combination of the 2 coatings provides longevity that will last longer than 2 years when properly maintained. As with all of Gyeon's coatings, the chemical resistance of Q2 Syncro protects against pH levels from 2-11, covering the spectrum of most of the harshest of chemicals one might come across.

Here's a VERY important video on how to properly maintain your Syncro-Coated vehicle!