Herrenfahrt Gloss Care Essentials Kit

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Product Overview

Herrenfahrt Gloss Care Essentials Kit

The Gloss Care Essentials Kit allows you to easily add both protection and shine to your car's finish with easy-to-use Herrenfahrt Spray Wax and Spray Shine.

Herrenfahrt Spray Wax

Applying Spray Wax on your paintwork adds a lasting protective film which protects from environmental fallout and debris. Existing swirls and scratches are filled in and thus a deep gloss finish can be achieved. Easy to use, hydrocarbon free, fast drying and being an excellent shine agent, it is perfect for in-between car care.

  • Size: 300 ml
  • Cleaning and care treatment in one step
  • Easy to use and apply
  • Quick drying finish
  • Does not have any polishing abrasives
  • Protection from swirls and imperfections
  • Excellent shine attributes

Directions for Best Results

Apply the Spray Wax to your car’s dry paintwork and use a high quality microfiber towel to buff to a high shine. Done!

Herrenfahrt Spray Shine

Spray Shine is not only a quick way to add gloss, but it is also the icing on the cake after every wax treatment. Based on monomeric silicon, it is easy to apply and highly effective. Unlike products used for surface coating, the active ingredient does not interact chemically with the paint's surface. Spray Shine's bond is based on an electrostatic interaction with the car's clear coat which is gentle on the paintwork. Spray Shine can easily be applied to painted surfaces, wood, metals, metal alloys, rubber and plastics, and synthetics. No residues are left behind.

  • Size: 300 ml
  • Number of applications possible: 7 - 15 times (depending on vehicle size)
  • Produces highly intense and deep gloss
  • For use after washing, polishing and wax procedures
  • Active ingredient is 100% biodegradable
  • Free of wax, solvents, or silicone
  • Developed with the most advanced silicon-technology (Si+)

Directions for Best Results

Make sure the paint is free from coarse dirt and debris. Spray the Herrenfahrt Spray Shine generously on the paintwork and wipe off with a high quality microfiber towel. Progress panel by panel around the car. Use a second microfiber towel to buff off remaining residue to a high shine.