Herrenfahrt Interior Care Essentials Kit

Herrenfahrt Interior Care Essentials Kit

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Herrenfahrt Interior Care Essentials Kit

Use this all-encompassing Interior Care Kit to properly and safely clean the entirety of your car's cockpit and hard surfaces.

Herrenfahrt Dashboard Detailer

Restore faded plastic surfaces in one easy step without buildup. The silicone-free formula guarantees a satin finish without residue or greasy after-feel. Made for the dashboard as well as door panels and other plastic parts.

  • German made
  • Easy to use
  • Satin finish without residue or buildup
  • For interior use on all plastics and hard, textured surfaces
  • Silicone free

Herrenfahrt Glass Cleaner

Produce streak-free glass with little effort. The easy to use, sprayable gel formula allows you to clean and decontaminate glass on the interior and exterior of your car.

  • German made
  • Easy to use
  • Non-streaking
  • Safe for all window tint

Multi-Purpose Microfiber Cloth

  • High quality microfiber for use on all interior surfaces
  • 19.7" x 15.7"
  • Washable with other microfibers (do not use fabric softener)

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    If it works for me, anyone can do it...

    Posted by KF on 20th Sep 2019

    I had snatched this kit up right around the time it was introduced, a mention in the intro video referred to how well the Dashboard Detailer worked on nav screens and such…so I was in; never know what is safe for those types of surfaces. Went for the kit with the glass cleaner as well as I’m always looking for a good one to make up for my inadequacies in cleaning glass.

    I’m pretty much a neophyte when it comes to interior stuff so I have very little to compare it to as far as other products go but since this worked so well (and so easily) I’m gonna keep using this combo. We had recently acquired a ‘new to us’, lightly used car that was in very good shape but still wanted to give the interior a good going over, a perfect time to give this stuff a try. Before using the Dashboard Detailer, I went over all the non-leather interior surfaces with APC diluted at 4:1. Grabbed the Dashboard Detailer, a few mists (easily done with those really nice Herrenfahrt spray heads) into a a 420gsm towel and started wiping thigs down. Not really putting too much effort into scrubbing as much as lightly applying and it left the surface with a nice, non-shiny, clean and ‘as new’ appearance, with no greasy slickness…quite nice. It applied evenly with no streaking and although it had a slight scent coming outta the bottle and onto the towel, it really didn’t leave any noticeable smell when the job was complete. It did very well on everything I used it on which was, well…everything that wasn’t leather, carpet or glass.

    Generally I’ll clean glass first to avoid overspray on a freshly detailed dash but kinda forgot in this case, or was purposely avoiding it due to ‘glass anxiety’. Regardless, the fine mist sprayhead on the Glass Cleaner bottle was surprisingly accurate and I was able to get a nice even mist on the window without spraying it all over the inside of the car. The majority of the time I spray glass cleaner into the primary towel, do half the windshield followed by a quick buff with clean, dry towel and then move to the other half but just kinda barged ahead with the whole windscreen this time, albeit a rather small one and I wasn’t penalized by my impatience given the great results. I did the glass on the back hatch in the same way, substituting a Gyeon Silk Mitt for the glass towels as they seem to work well for me on glass…at least as well as anything works for me with glass anyway. I think the fine mist of spray evenly distributed across the glass with no overspray mighta helped me as there wasn’t really any streaking that I could see and it went very quickly with little to no frustration…and no digging larger drops/runs outta the crevices as gravity sometimes takes over with a more heavily applied dose of glass cleaner.

    Now is it the sprayheads, the products in the bottles or both in combination that make this an unusually successful interior adventure for me? Hard to say but it is easy to say I’m gonna continue on with this interior combo given my success with it and the great results in both look and feel.