Herrenfahrt Leather Care Essentials Kit

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Product Overview

Herrenfahrt Leather Care Essentials Kit

Deep Cleansing Tonic

The lightweight cleansing tonic is your choice for the removal of persistent stains from aniline and pigmented leathers.

Directions for Best Results

Shake well before use, then apply a small amount of cleaner on a damp Cleansing Sponge and squeeze repeatedly to produce a fine layer of foam. Work the foam into the leather in a gentle circular motion allowing the leather to absorb the cleaner. Remove excess solution with a Leather Care Cloth and let dry for 30 minutes. Repeat if necessary and continue with Revitalizing Leather Cream to seal and protect leather surface.

When used on synthetic leather(pleather), cleaner may induce loss of color. To test if surface is colorfast, rub over leather with a damp cloth - if any color comes off onto the cloth the surface should not be treated with any cleaner whatsoever as it may induce loss of color. When in doubt, always test cleaner on an inconspicuous area first.

Please note: Do not use on brushed or buffed leather, such as nubuck or suede.

Revitalizing Leather Cream

Wear and tear as well as excessive sunlight and lack of regular maintenance results in faded, cracked and discolored leather. Revitalizing Leather Cream preserves the important moisture and fat-balance of leather, replenishes moisture and restores its natural beauty.

Directions for Best Results

Clean leather surface thoroughly before use. Shake well and apply a small amount on a Leather Care Applicator Pad. Work into leather and let dry, allowing the rich formula to deeply penetrate and strengthen the worn-out material. Heavily used parts like armrests and seats can be treated twice. For best results, use Herrenfahrt Leather Conditioner afterwards.

Leather Conditioner

A true all-rounder, Herrenfahrt Leather Conditioner is designed to gently protect aniline and pigmented leather from water, oil and alcohol based stains to keep your leather feeling soft and supple. Its lightweight formula generates a lovely after-feel, rich in content and yet readily absorbed into the surface without leaving behind any residues or buildup. When used regularly, Herrenfahrt Leather Conditioner will prevent leather from cracking due to excessive dryness, maintaining the original look and feel of your leather without a greasy feel.

Directions for Best Results

Shake well before use. Apply a small amount on a Leather Care Applicator Pad and wipe the surface in a gentle circular motion. Heavily used parts like armrests, seats and backrests may be treated again in a second step. Please note that leather may have a glossy effect while applying the product but will return to its natural matte finish when the product is fully soaked into the surface.