Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant Dressing

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Product Overview

Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant Dressing

Here at Esoteric, one of the things we obsess over is clean tires that have a nice matte black appearance. The first time we tried Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant, we fell in love with its ease of use and the perfect matte black appearance that it gave our tires.

Jescar Tire & Trim Protectant is a water-based, acrylic polymer dressing that is a liquid-sealant consistency when applied, then dries to the touch in just minutes. Once applied, Tire & Trim Protectant will not sling or fly of our your tires or trim, like so many other tire dressings can.

Size: 16oz.

Directions for use:

  • Thoroughly clean your tires using a tire cleaner like Gyeon Tire Cleaner
  • Apply a quarter-sized amount of Tire & Trim protectant to a foam applicator, then fold the applicator a few times to evenly distribute the product into the foam
  • On a dry tire, apply the protectant in a thin layer, continuing to wipe it into the pores of the rubber/trim until you get an even sheen
  • Let dry for 10-15 minutes
  • For more gloss, simply reapply another layer(s) of the product until you reach the amount of gloss that you desire