Kamikaze Anti-Aging Treatment

Kamikaze Anti-Aging Treatment
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Collection Anti-Aging Treatment

The "Shampoo Coating"

Kamikaze's Anti-Aging Treatment combines the gentle cleaning ability of a wash shampoo with the strong hydrocarbon compound found in Kamikaze's bestselling ISM coating. Anti-Aging Treatment is an excellent product for cars that do not have ceramic coating applied to the paintwork. The protection offered in Anti-Aging Treatment produces several months of durability and protection.

At Esoteric, we prefer to use Kamikaze Over Coat to maintain ceramic coated cars, while the Anti-Aging Treatment is a great option for the car owner that may not have the time or desire to apply a ceramic coating.

Kamikaze Anti-Aging Treatment should be used by itself, or it can be maintained with Kamikaze Over Coat. It should not be used with any other maintenance products or detail sprays.

Directions for Best Results

  • Anti-Aging Treatment should only be used once every 2-3 months. Using it more often than this may create a streaky, cloudy appearance.
  • When washing, Anti-Aging Treatment should only be used in a completely shaded environment, or preferably in a garage or maintained facility
  1. Mix 2-3 capfuls of Anti-Aging Treatment in a 5 gallon wash bucket, filled about 2/3rds full
  2. After thoroughly rinsing the car, use an Esoteric Wash Sponge to lightly agitate the surface of the paint with the suds from Anti-Aging Treatment bucket.
  3. Rinse the car after every few panels
  4. After each rinse of your car, rinse your Wash Sponge in a bucket of clean water, dislodging any dirt you may have accumulated from the car
  5. Work your way around the car, making sure that the surface of the paintwork never dries
    • Allowing the surface of the paint to dry may cause spotting to occur from the coating component of the Anti-Aging Treatment
  6. Once completed around the entire car, thoroughly rinse all surfaces, making sure to rinse all soap suds off of the car
  7. Dry the car using only high quality microfiber drying towels