Kamikaze Banzai backing plate

Kamikaze Banzai 5" Backing Plate for Rupes LHR15/21 Mark II/III

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Banzai 5" Backing Plate
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Kamikaze 5" Banzai Backing Plate for the Rupes LHR15 Mark II, Mark III, and LHR21 Mark II, Mark III Bigfoot polishers!

The Kamikaze Banzai 5" backing plate for the Rupes LHR15 Mark 2, LHR15 Mark 3, LHR21 Mark 2, and LHR21 Mark 3 provides the ultimate in performance, precision, balance, and smoothness!

Machined from billet aluminum to meet exact weight requirements, the Banzai backing plate is also black anodized for for a finish to match the level of performance that it provides. The key to the Banzai's unmatched performance is its precision weight, which provides a level of balance and smooth operation that simply cannot be achieved otherwise. And since the design spaces the backing plate away from the LHR15 and LHR21's anti-spin shroud, you also gain speed and free-spin orbits.

Another great feature is that the plate is shorter than the factory unit, which lowers the center of gravity, and gets you closer to the polishing surface.

Given the handmade-nature of the Banzai Backing Plates, there will be some variation in how the hook-and-loop material is placed on each backing plate, but this has no bearing on its performance!

Benefits of the Kamikaze Banzai 5" backing plate:

  • More torque
  • Smoother operation
  • Faster speed
  • Better balance

NOTE: This backing plate is designed only for the LHR15 Mark II, LHR15 Mark III, LHR21 Mark II, and LHR21 Mark III, but not the LHR15ES or LHR21ES. While it will fit, the balance will be off, you will not achieve the highest level of performance, and you may cause long-term damage to the machine.

There is NO other mod available for the Rupes machines that come close to this level of precision and performance! Brought to you exclusively in the USA through ESOTERIC!

This modification is not approved or endorsed by RUPES. Any tool failure resulting from the use of unapproved accessories or modifications to your polisher is your sole responsibility and by installing the Banzai Backing Plate, you agree that RUPES cannot be held liable for resulting damage or injury. By modifying your RUPES tool from its factory specifications, you waive any claim to warranty coverage for failures associated with or caused by the modification.

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    Just when you think your LHR15 Mk 2 cant get any better...

    Posted by KF on 26th Feb 2017

    ...strap one of these on it and enjoy your Rupes even more!

    To put it all in context:
    - Garage Hobbyist using LHR15 Mark 2
    - Only about 20 or so hours with machine so operator competency likely hovering around 'marginally functional'

    Anyway, best way to describe it is: Smoooooooth. And it likely makes up a bit for some of my amateurish shortcomings.

    On a strictly 'intangible' level it gives me the impression that I'm actually kinda getting the hang of this long throw thing. It's a joy to use, it makes me smile and for someone who does this for fun and not money, that's quite important.

    Using Rupes yellow and white pads on speed 4.5 it just runs like glass. Seems to stall less than washer-mod and allows for more pressure.

    Was able to push it into recessed body style line and get contact and result where washer modded required more attention and finesse to reach bottom of crevice of style line. Beast simply let me push the softer pads into conforming to the bottom of the recess while running over the body line longitudinally. This particular anomaly sticks in my mind as I did one side of vehicle one day with washer-mod + stock backing plate and other side the next day with Beast plate.

    Something else that stuck out was a few times, maybe due to lack of technique and/or attention, the pad stalled a bit and slightly *more* pressure got it back to spinning.

    Did I mention how smooth it is?

    Is it worth the cost? It depends...it perhaps won`t magically do things that you can`t accomplish with stock backing plate but it just seems to do them in a more efficient and pleasing manner.

    It's an incredibly exquisitely manufactured item and frankly, a joy to look at. Add to that it's efficiency and usability and there really isn't much of a downside.

    A final note: When using Rupes pads, the Beast velcro clings to the pads like cold death itself...certainly takes more effort to peel the pads off of the plate.

    Oh, and it runs very smoothly...in case i forgot to mention that.