Kamikaze Banzai Cut Compound

Banzai Cut Compound
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Banzai Cut Compound

Kamikaze has developed their Banzai Cut Compound using the highest quality abrasives straight out of Japan. Banzai Cut Compound offers detailers a great mix of a cutting compound that still finishes incredibly well, limiting the amount of finish polishing that is needed, if any. This type of cutting and finishing is possible due to high functioning diminishing abrasives, with no fillers present.

Banzai Cut Compound produces very little dust, and is designed to offer long working time without drying out.

Kamikaze Banzai Cut Compound is best used with the Kamikaze Banzai Wool Pad, Rupes Wool Cutting Pad, or Meguiar's Microfiber Cutting Discs.

Look to use only a few dime-sized drops of Banzai Cut Compound with each pass of compounding, changing out your pad with each 1-2 panels.