Kamikaze Banzai Dynamics Black Finishing Pad

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Banzai Black Pad
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Kamikaze Banzai Dynamics Black Foam Buff Pad

Kamikaze has developed its Banzai Dynamics Black Buff Pad to work in cooperation with the Ichiban Finishing Polish. The Banzai Black Buff Pad is incredibly soft, aimed at finishing down on even the softest paint systems without problems.

The Banzai Black Buff Pad was designed to be used with a dual-action polisher like the Rupes LHR polishing machines. It delivers excellent results with high-quality polishes, and was optimized to be used with Kamikaze Ichiban Finishing Polishing for one-step polishing on soft paints. At Esoteric, we've seen excellent results and long working time with the Banzai Black Buff Pad, with excellent durability of the pad material over time. The Banzai Black Buff Pads are a perfect solution for detailers and enthusiasts who deal with difficult, soft paint systems like those found in most Japanese cars. Given that Kamikaze is Japanese, the Banzai Dynamics polishing system was specifically optimized with these paints in mind.

The Banzai Black Buff Pads are capable of removing light scratching and swirling that are common on most cars. If you have deeper scratches present, you may want to consider compounding with the Kamikaze Wool Buff Pad and Banzai Cut Compound before finish polishing with the Black Foam Buff Pad and Ichiban Finishing Polish.

For harder paints, look to use Ichiban Finishing Polish with the Banzai Red Buff Pad.

Available in two sizes:

  • 3.5": Rupes 3" machines
  • 5.5": Rupes 5" machines

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