Kamikaze Film Surface Coat

Surface Film Coat
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Collection Surface Film Coat

KAMIKAZE Collection has always been at the forefront of the durable coating industry, and they continue that tradition with their introduction of the first coating designed specifically for use with paint protection film (aka: PPF, Clear Bra).

Until now, detailers have been using standard coatings to apply to PPF. While this worked, it just wasn't the perfect solution. With Surface Film Coat, we now have a coating that is chemically engineered to bond with paint protection film, both clear and satin, without causing any kind of potential issues of discoloration or limited durability.

And also typical with KAMIKAZE Collection coatings, the new Surface Film Coat is extremely easy to use. After application, you will find that the Surface Film Coat leaves a ridiculously slick finish! Expected durability is 18-24 months.


Application of Surface Film Coat is pretty much identical to Miyabi Coat by KAMIKAZE. For more information, please see the Miyabi product page and video.

Note: During summer / warmer months, we recommend applying to just one panel at a time before removal. During winter / cooler months, you can apply to 2 panels at a time.

Included When You Purchase Surface Film Coat

  • Kamikaze Surface Film Coat
  • Foam applicator block
  • Applicator cloths

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