Kamikaze Hagakure Wash Sponge

Kamikaze Hagakure Wash Sponge 2.0
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Hagakure Wash Sponge

Made of the highest grade of ultra-soft polyurethane, Kamikaze's latest version of the Hagakure Wash Sponge uses an innovative design to help cleanse your vehicle in a safe, gentle & effective manner.

With a laser-cut diamond-pattern on one side and a deeply dimpled texture on the other, the Hagakure sponge can safely & effectively clean both heavily and lightly soiled areas. The diamond-pattern glides smoothly over the upper portions of the vehicle, encapsulating the smaller dirt particles and the other, peaked side allows for gentle cleansing of more contaminated areas safely.

With a size of 8.5" L x 5.5" W, the sponge will provide an incomparably safe, comfortable and enjoyable wash experience!