Kamikaze Hayabusa Drying Towel

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Kamikaze Collection Hayabusa Drying Towel
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Kamikaze Hayabusa Drying Towel

The Hayabusa Drying Towel from the Kamikaze Collection blends twisted loop with plush microfiber to create an innovative dual-pile towel that excels at water removal. This revolutionary construction safely and effectively absorbs water while smoothly gliding across the surface for safe & speedy drying!

Available in 3 sizes from the handy 8" to the massive, 5-foot long Extra Large!

  • Mini - 8"x8" (20cm x 20cm) - 2-Pack
  • Regular - 21" x 32" (53cm x 80cm)
  • Extra Large - 24" x 63" (60cm x 160cm)

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