Kamikaze Ichiban Finish Polish

Ichiban Finish Polish
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Ichiban Finish Polish

Kamikaze Ichiban Finish Polish was designed to offer mild cutting ability while also having superior ability to finish down even the softest of paints.

Ichiban Finish Polish aims to provide you an excellent solution to working on medium to soft paints like those so often found on Japanese cars. Kamikaze, and Japanese company, worked to find a polish that would be superior to all others on the paint systems that they so often had problems polishing with other manufacturers' polishes. Coupled with the Banzai Red Buff Pad or Banzai Black Buff Pad, Ichiban Finish Polish creates an excellent one-step polishing system to refine paint ahead of applying protection.

For more cutting ability to remove deeper defects or scratches, look to use Banzai Cut Compound with the Banzai Wool Buff Pads, then finish with Ichiban Finish Polish and Banzai Buff Pads.

Look to use only a few dime-sized drops of Ichiban Finish Polish with each pass of polishing, changing out your pad with each 1-2 panels.