Kamikaze Intenso Glass Kit

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Intenso Kit
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Collection Intenso Window Coat Glass Kit

Buy the Intenso Glass Kit as a grouping of products to save money over buying them individually!

Included in the Intenso Glass Kit

This kit provides you with plenty of material to coat multiple cars, or get multiples coating applications over time on the same car.


  1. Clean your windows with Gyeon Glass and your Twist Loop Glass Towels
  2. Shake bottle of Intenso Window Coat well
  3. Apply a light, thin layer of material onto the surface of the glass using the supplied cotton applicators, utilizing a straight-line, cross-hatch pattern
  4. After around 5-10 minutes, simply buff off any remaining residue with a light mist of Gyeon Glass and your remaining Twist Loop Glass Towels