Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat

Intenso 100ml
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Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat, 100ml

As with everything else in the Kamikaze coating line, Intenso Window Coat is incredibly easy to use and produces excellent, long-lasting water beading for your car's exterior glass surfaces.

Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat creates a super-smooth, slick finish that will last several months with each application. At Esoteric, we've found Intenso Window Coat to be the easiest way to treat the exterior glass with a water-repellent layer of protection. Once you've applied Intenso Window Coat, you'll notice that not only does water bead incredibly well, but dirt, bugs, and grime won't adhere to your glass like they would otherwise.

Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat comes in a 100ml bottle, and is enough to coat around 25-30 front windshields.

2 cotton applicators are supplied with each bottle of Intenso Window Coat.


  1. Clean your windows with a glass cleaner like Gyeon Glass
  2. Shake bottle of Intenso Window Coat well
  3. Apply a light, thin layer of material onto the surface of the glass using the supplied cotton applicators, utilizing a straight-line, cross-hatch pattern
  4. After around 5-10 minutes, simply buff off any remaining residue with a dry microfiber like The Rag Company Twist Loop Glass Towel

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