Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat, 100ml

Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat

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Intenso 100ml
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Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat, 100ml

As with everything else in the Kamikaze coating line, Intenso Window Coat is incredibly easy to use and produces excellent, long-lasting water beading for your car's exterior glass surfaces.

Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat creates a super-smooth, slick finish that will last several months with each application. At Esoteric, we've found Intenso Window Coat to be the easiest way to treat the exterior glass with a water-repellent layer of protection. Once you've applied Intenso Window Coat, you'll notice that not only does water bead incredibly well, but dirt, bugs, and grime won't adhere to your glass like they would otherwise.

Kamikaze Intenso Window Coat comes in a 100ml bottle, and is enough to coat around 25-30 front windshields.

2 cotton applicators are supplied with each bottle of Intenso Window Coat.


  1. Clean your windows with a glass cleaner like Gyeon Glass
  2. Shake bottle of Intenso Window Coat well
  3. Apply a light, thin layer of material onto the surface of the glass using the supplied cotton applicators, utilizing a straight-line, cross-hatch pattern
  4. After around 5-10 minutes, simply buff off any remaining residue with a dry microfiber like The Rag Company Twist Loop Glass Towel

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    Posted by KF on 15th Oct 2018

    Kamikaze Intenso was kinda a ‘revisit’ for me. Before it was available stateside, I managed to get a hold of some from ‘across the pond’ from a sympathetic soul which, while entirely impractical considering shipping costs, satisfied a need to try another Kamikaze product. Everything I’ve tried from Kamikaze has proven to be ‘under promise, over deliver’ with respect to performance and ease of use so to me, it was worth the cost.

    Regardless of origin, the blue, 30ml bottle of Intenso I used last year excelled in water removal from windshield but fell a little short in dry weather with respect to bugs and debris strikes on the glass. Would leave little 1” trails which were actually kinda difficult to remove; not crazy difficult but a swipe with windshield washers/wipers wouldn’t completely remove. So I moved on, trying 5 or 6 different glass coatings from a variety of manufacturers. It seemed that those that were best with regards to water behavior had similar shortcomings in dry weather where bug/debris strikes were concerned. All seemed to be a compromise of some sort; great water behavior, mediocre to poor in dry or the reverse.

    When I saw Esoteric was now stocking the Intenso, this time in black, 100ml bottles with a product description that specifically noted “…dirt, bugs, and grime won't adhere to your glass like they would otherwise.”, figured I’d give it another go. It has been suggested that Kamikaze is constantly tweaking their products without the fanfare of publicly noting “new and improved” or “new version” and apparently whatever caused the less than stellar performance in dry has been addressed as it is now a non-factor.

    Water begins to move off of the windshield at 30-35mph, some of the best I’ve. It clears both large and small drops, heavy rain and light and hasn’t left a haze (as noted by halos around lights at night) as some other glass coatings I’ve experienced. Like all of the Kamikaze stuff I have tried, it’s best summed up with “It just plain works”. Application is incredibly easy and even over-using (as I have a tendency to do), 3-4ml was about how much it took to do a windshield. I’ve only had this on my windshield for 3 weeks or so, longevity has yet to be determined, but in that time have driven over 1500 miles in all sorts of fun weather and Intenso has done exceptionally. A recent 400 mile road trip that began in cold, pouring rain and ended in 88 degree sunshine resulted no debris/bugs left to bake on window and pretty much eliminated the need for wipers in all but the lightest of misting.

    Still have 1 or 2 glass coatings on the shelf that I had planned on trying but probably gonna give those away as Intenso now performs in all aspects that I consider important. Since I had another coating on the glass prior to Intenso, I did polish the windshield with Jescar Finishing Polish and a yellow Rupes pad before cleaning twice with Gyeon Glass, then a quick wipe with Gyeon Prep. Seemed like a good idea and have seen no ill effects from that course of action; glass was literally ‘squeaky clean’ before Intenso application.