Kamikaze ISM v1.0 Coating Kit

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ISM 1.0 Coating Kit
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Product Overview

The KAMIKAZE ISM 1.0 Original Version Coating Kit includes everything you need for a professional and durable vehicle coating.

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Included in the ISM 1.0 Coating Kit

Instructions for Applying Kamikaze ISM 1.0 Original Version

Make sure surface has been completely cleaned and decontaminated. The cleaner the surface, the better the bond!

  1. Even if you don't machine-polish the surface first, you want to do a thorough wipe-down with a stripping agent like Gyeon Prep. Use several towels throughout the process.
  2. Using a dropper or pipette, apply a few straight lines of ISM onto your applicator cloth
  3. Starting with horizontal / top surfaces first, apply ISM in straight lines only (no cross-hatch, no circular application), and slightly overlap from one line to the next.
  4. Once you have evenly applied the coating to one whole panel of your car, start your removal process. Do not apply to more than one panel at a time before removing the coating. Any more than this, and the coating will become very difficult to remove and it will leave a smeary finish. If this happens, apply more product right on top of the affected area, and immediately remove.
  5. Using 2 different towels, thoroughly wipe down the section to remove the ISM residue. Your first wipe should remove about 80% of the residue, and your second wipe should easily remove the balance. Use small, circular motions and little to no pressure during removal. Be sure to check adjacent panels to make sure you haven't "pushed" ISM coat to other areas. Use a flashlight for inspection to make sure every bit of residue is gone. If you fail to remove all of the residue, it will become a dark spot once it cures, and it will require machine-polishing to correct. If you’re finding the residue challenging to remove, try a small spritz of water or a damp MF cloth to help with the removal.
  6. Multiple coats are not necessary.
  7. If you are doing the Miyabi / ISM combo, apply the Miyabi first per instructions, then wait for about 1 hour before applying ISM according to the instructions above.
  8. Keep the vehicle dry for a minimum of 24 hours, but the longer the better. Do not wash the vehicle for 7 days.
  9. Using the video below as guidance, maintain your ISM coat with Kamikaze Overcoat from Kamikaze-Collection.

Important Notes

  • Once the bottle of coating is opened, the curing process begins, even if you put the cap back on tightly. Once opened, you should use the coating within one month's time.
  • Please be sure to use all coatings as soon as you can from the time you receive them.
  • All coatings have a limited shelf life due to the chemical nature of how they crystallize. Look to use coatings within 4-6 months of receiving them (less if bottle is opened). 

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