Kamikaze Limited Edition d'Elegance Carnauba Wax

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Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Wax
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Collection Limited Edition d'Elegance Carnauba Wax

The Best-in-Show Concours Wax from Kamikaze Collection, Japan

The Kamikaze Collection d'Elegance Wax has been handmade and blended by Kamikaze. This proprietary blend of carnauba waxes was specifically designed to be used on the most exclusive Concours vehicles, by the most discerning of detailers and car owners.

Kai Morita of Kamikaze Collection has developed the d'Elegance Wax over years of research and testing, testing it on vehicles at the most prestigious automotive shows around the world. Like all Kamikaze Collection products, the d'Elegance Wax is a culmination of all of the detailing experience and knowledge collected up to this point, with constant improvement as the focus of the Kamikaze brand. The d'Elegance Wax is the tangible example of the Japanese "kaizen" philosophy in carnauba wax form, and should be considered one of the best carnauba paste waxes in the world.

Limited Edition with Commemorative Case

When you purchase the d'Elegance Wax, you will receive the 250g wax in a hardwood container, enclosed in a bespoke Kamikaze wooden box. In addition to the d'Elegance Wax and box, you will receive a Kamikaze foam wax applicator, made specifically for the d'Elegance Paste Wax.

Wax volume: 250 grams (10-13g per vehicle/20-25 vehicles)

Durability: 2-3 months

Made in Japan.

Application Instructions

  1. In a cool, shaded environment or facility, use the Kamikaze foam wax applicator to apply a VERY thin layer of d'Elegance Wax to the surface of your vehicle
  2. Apply in straight lines, with even, light pressure
  3. After applying to the entire car, begin wiping off the wax where you initially began applying the wax, using only the softest microfiber towels (like the ESOTERIC Red Microfiber Towels)
    • You should wait no more than 1 hour to wipe off the wax residue
  4. Using two towels, remove the majority of the wax residue with the first towel, then perform a final buff with the second towel for all remaining wax residue. Do this panel-by-panel, working your way around the entire car until finished.

Like all carnauba products, avoid getting d'Elegance Wax on plastic or rubber trim, which may cause a chalky residue to appear.

Storage and Shelf Life

Look to store the d'Elegance Wax at room temperature or less, in low humidity. It is acceptable to store it in a refrigerator if you please, but it should not be stored where it can get warm/hot, or in high humidity.

When stored properly, d'Elegance Wax should last for several years.

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