Kamikaze Over Coat v5.2

OverCoat 5.2
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Product Overview

Kamikaze Over Coat v5.2

Utilizing similar protective & bonding properties as found in their Miyabi, ISM and Zipang coatings, Kamikaze Over Coat v5.2 brings carbon-nanotube technology and Paint Surface Ion Control to the latest version of their sacrificial layer protection. Over Coat V5 provides a high-resolution luster, more brilliant and glossy than previous versions, and improves upon the incredible anti-fouling and hydrophobic properties that have always been its hallmark!

Over Coat is designed to be (easily) applied over a durable base layer coating…which could be Miyabi Coat 2.0, ISM Coat 3.0, Zipang Coat 2.0 as well as other brands of glass, ceramic, & quartz coatings. Over Coat will brilliantly take the abuse of the elements, protecting your base layer coating while providing enhanced hydrophobic, anti-static & self-cleaning characteristics. And since it’s so easy to apply and work with, you can quickly maintain your coated vehicle every month or two (durability however is listed as 3-6 months). While Over Coat can also be used as a stand-alone solution, Kamikaze Over Coat Sealant v4.0 or Kamikaze Over Coat Sealant v5 are more robust for use in a stand-alone environment where a ceramic coating may not be the preferred choice of protection. Over Coat v5.2 is the recommended maintenance product for Kamikaze Over Coat Sealant v4.0 and Kamikaze Over Coat Sealant v5 as well.

Dry Application

  1. Shake bottle a few times to agitate ingredients (you will feel & hear the agitator inside of the bottle)
  2. Mist Over Coat into your microfiber towel, then gently buff into the surface. A little bit goes a long way; 2 or 3 sprays per panel into the towel.
  3. Use a second, dry towel to immediately buff away any remaining residue.

*Kamikaze Collection's 400gsm Kamiwaza Microfiber Towels and/or the Eagle Edgeless 350gsm towels are ideally suited for use with Overcoat 5.2.

Wet Application (when drying your car after a wash)

  1. Shake bottle a few times to agitate ingredients (you will hear & feel the agitator inside of the bottle)
  2. When drying the vehicle, either mist a few sprays directly onto the panel and dry as normal, or spray into your drying towel.
  3. Use a second, soft, dry towel to immediately buff away any remaining residue.

* While Over Coat will continue to cure on the surface for the next 12-24 hrs, the vehicle may be used as normal immediately following application, rain or shine!

Size: 300ml

Version: 5.2