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KAMIKAZE Stance Rim Coat

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Stance Rim Coat
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Kamikaze Stance Rim Coat

True to KAMIKAZE-Collection's philosophy of making easy to use, innovative, protective coatings, the new STANCE Rim Coat sets the standards within the detailing industry!

While most wheel coatings become sticky, and challenging to use, STANCE Rim Coat has been developed so that it is THE easiest to use wheel coating on the market. Additionally, the low-solvent and low-VOC formula hardly has any scent at all...unlike the highly toxic formulas used by other manufacturers that require the use of a respirator to even apply them.

The 30ml bottle is more than enough to do multiple coats on around 4-6 sets of wheels (sized for professional use). 

Expected durability: 1-2 years (depends on initial prep, how many coats, what kind of maintenance, etc).

Directions for Use (**Updated 06/2018**)

  1. Fully clean surface using a heavy cleaner like Gyeon Iron, or SONAX Wheel Cleaner Plus
  2. After deep cleaning, dry wheels and use a final surface prep like Gyeon Prep.
  3. Shake bottle well
  4. Apply STANCE Rim Coat to applicator pad. Do not use too much!
  5. Apply in straight line, and maintain an even layer
  6. Allow STANCE Rim Coat to sit on surface for 3-5 minutes prior to wiping off residue with a soft microfiber towel (recommended to throw away towel after use)
  7. If you wish to apply 2 coats, wait approximately 1 hour between coats.
  8. Keep surface dry for at least 24 hours

Important Notes

  • Once the bottle of coating is opened, the curing process begins, even if you put the cap back on tightly. Once opened, you should use the coating within one month's time.
  • Please be sure to use all coatings as soon as you can from the time you receive them.
  • All coatings have a limited shelf life due to the chemical nature of how they crystallize. Look to use coatings within 4-6 months of receiving them (less if bottle is opened).

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    Great application, looks

    Posted by KF on 27th Jun 2017

    Having used the other Kamikaze products with great results (Miyabi, ISM, Overcoat), I was looking forward to trying Stance Rim Coat and the opportunity recently presented itself with a set of wheels on a new car. While Stance Rim Coat initially appears to be at the upper-end with regards to cost compared to some other choices, if performance, ease of application and less product usage per application were as advertised (i.e. up to Kamikaze standards), it more than levels the playing field for someone like myself.

    In my non-professional, want to keep vehicle clean and looking go with least amount of on-going effort world, Rim/Wheel Coatings are an extraordinary convenience, on par with paint coatings as far as making vehicle maintenance as quick, easy and effective as possible. With well-coated wheels, usually nothing more than a strong rinse with a hose, followed by a quick wipe-down replaces the whole dedicated ‘wheel cleaning’ portion of a maintenance wash, eliminating the need for wheel cleaning chemicals, brushes, dedicated towels and wash mitts…all of which usually end up nasty, dirty and needing separate and intensive cleaning…not to mention the time involved in cleaning uncoated wheels. Additionally, nobody in the household is ever thrilled when I ran a load of nasty, chemically laden, blackened ‘wheel cleaning materials’ thru the washing machine.

    Towards those ends, I snatched up the Stance, prepped the ‘only had 350 miles on since new’ wheels with wheel cleaner (Sonax), tar remover (Gyeon Tar) and prepped/wiped down with Gyeon Prep. The Stance bottle is a solid pewter color which makes it hard to judge the contents so I scraped of one edge with a razor blade to get a better idea of the amount left inside as I coated the wheels. I tend to sometimes get a bit overzealous with product usage, even though more is not necessarily better in these situations, so it was handy to see the product level in the bottle as I applied it to help control the amount of product used.

    The Stance bottle has the ‘drip top’ like many coatings so it was easily controlled while loading the applicator. While I began using the ‘standard’ foam block and micro suede applicator cloth, I had also picked up some of the round, red Esoteric foam applicators (as seen in the Learning Center video regarding Stance Rim Coating); cut into quarters these provided an excellent carrier for the product, insuring quick and easy coverage to the intricate areas of the wheel, as well as all other areas except for the barrels where I continued to use the block/micro suede method. The applicators made the job much, much easier as the density of them seems to slow the product absorption into the applicator, allowing more product to be applied to the wheel surface in a quicker, more even fashion.

    The product applies quite nicely, never really getting to that sticky/tacky state even after the 12 minute dwell time that seemed to work best on this mid-70 degree, low humidity day. After 12 minutes (and sometimes a minute or two more; easily distracted am I) the product wipes off very, very smoothly and evenly, leaving a very slick and glossy surface on the gloss-black painted areas of the wheels. These particular wheels were a combination of gloss-black (clear coated) paint in some areas and clear-coated ?brushed aluminum? in others. Stance left these unpainted areas with a nice shine, also providing a bit of a ‘prism-like’ effect if you managed to catch the wheel in just the right angle/light. Taken as a whole after application, the wheels looked great; not overly glossy and kind of a ‘really, really, REALLY clean’ look with a bit of added pop/gloss…very nice.

    In areas where I did apply to much, Stance seemed to seek out its own ‘level’ of sorts, with the excess remaining on the surface, easily wiped away after the 15 or so minute dwell time with nary a streak or high spot to be found. The stuff just flat out works…no sticky/tacky feel, no high spots and a ‘slick as all get out’ finish. I waited an hour or so and applied another coat which went on even smoother than the first. I’d guess that overall I used about 10ml of the 30ml bottle, definitely over application as I learned just how far a loaded applicator would go (pretty far, as it turns out) but this proved to be a non-issue as far as the finished wheels went…the forgiveness and ease of use of Stance is tremendous.

    So now we just wait and see how it performs over the long haul; being a Kamikaze product, I expect nothing short of great longevity, self cleaning ability and looks. Time will tell but for me the application and appearance characteristics, as well as the economical product usage (once I got a handle on it) make it worth the price of admission. Find a good tire coating to use in conjunction with this and the messy, time-consuming chore of keeping your wheels/tires clean is lessened dramatically.

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    Our new rim coating

    Posted by Mike Lambert on 20th Dec 2016

    We found this to be extremely easy to apply and provided the slickest finish of any of the other rim coatings we've used. After several aggressive washings it is still going strong!