Kamikaze Water Spot Remover, 250ml

Kamikaze Water Spot Remover

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Kamikaze Water Spot 250ml
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Kamikaze Water Spot Remover

Finally…a good water spot remover designed for use with coatings that won’t damage them in the process! There are other manufacturers with water spot removers for coatings, but they have heavy cleaners and surfactants that damage the underlying coating layer.

The non-hazardous material is a very easy way to effectively remove new water spots, all in a safe manner.

If the water spots have been in place for a very long time, then chances are they have actually etched into the clear coat surface (like bird droppings). When this happens, only heavy compounding will remove them.

But if water spots are relatively new, the WATER SPOT REMOVER by KAMIKAZE will easily remove them. It can be used for either coated, or non-coated vehicles.

Both WATER SPOT REMOVER and OVER COAT are highly recommended for those with coated vehicles!

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    Water spot remover

    Posted by Paul Karazuba on 20th Jan 2020

    Worked exactly as described!! Accidentally sprayed the front of my black car with the hose, and left numerous hard water spots the next day. Used the water spot remover, and the spots came up within 10 seconds. Put some overcoat on immediately after, and the car looks perfect again.

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    spot remover

    Posted by Michael on 23rd Jun 2018

    I was trying all kinds of products to get my spots out but this tuff made removing spots really easy I should buy more before they raise the price.

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    Works like Magic!

    Posted by Eric on 7th Apr 2016

    Removes water spot so easy so simple with microfiber towel. highly recommended !!!