Migliore Si02 Rim Coating is the easiest way to coat and protect your wheels.

Migliore SiO2 Rim Coating

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SiO2 Rim
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Super slick, easy to use and durable with extreme hydrophobic properties! 

Professional results in a consumer rim coating! Migliore has taken its patented easy to use ceramic coating properties and created an ultra strong formula to protect your prized wheels. The spray application of SiO2 Rim allows you to easily coat your wheels just as the professionals would do, hitting all the tough to reach spaces which would normally require airbrushed application. SiO2 Rim's heat resistant formula will protect your wheels from brake dust, dirt, and grime; making them extremely easy to clean for up to a year. SiO2 rim will coat at minimum 8-12 wheels! 1.5 oz.


  • For best results, remove wheels according to manufacturer's instructions
  • Fully clean outer face and inner barrels of wheels. We recommend using Gyeon Iron for deep cleaning, followed by Gyeon Prep to ensure a good bond.
  • Apply in a well-ventilated area
  • Spray Migliore SiO2 Rim Coating directly onto the surface. To help with an even application, you could also spread on surface with a foam applicator pad.
  • After about 1 minute, wipe residue off with a general purpose microfiber towel. You will want to throw away the towel after the application of 4 wheels as the coating will harden as it dries.
  • Let cure for at least 7 hours before driving.
  • If you wish to do multiple coats, wait 1 hour between coats.

Note: If spray nozzle becomes clogged, hold can upside down and depress the nozzle.