PolishAngel Master Sealant & Rapidwaxx Pro Kit (500ml)

POLISHANGEL Master Sealant/Rapidwaxx Pro Kit

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PA Master/Rapidwaxx Pro Kit
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The PolishAngel Master Sealant & Rapidwaxx Pro Kit offers you a 10%+ discount when buying in kit form compared to buying the items individually!

The Master Sealant & Rapidwaxx Pro Kit comes with all of the following items:

POLISHANGEL Master Sealant

PolishAngel Master Sealant is an easy-to-use premium paint sealant. It's delivers a high-gloss finish and paint slickness similar to that of a carnauba-based sealing product. This masterpiece contains extreme paint-sealing polymers that protects like a crystal-clear ceramic layer, but with less difficulty! One layer of Master Sealant will last up to 12 months on your car's paint, protecting it from all kinds of weather, including acid, water spotting, and UV degradation.

For the ultimate use of Master Sealant, apply it as a base-layer, then apply PolishAngel Rapidwaxx as a top layer. Re-apply Rapidwaxx every 1-2 months for a touch-up to the water beading and durability characteristics of the combination.


  1. Shake Master Sealant well before use
  2. Apply a very small amount onto a soft foam applicator or directly onto the surface of your paintwork
  3. Apply in straight lines until product is spread thinly and evenly on the surface of one panel
  4. After 15-20 minutes, buff off any residue with a soft microfiber towel, using straight line motions


PolishAngel Rapidwaxx is an easy and quick way to give your car a waxed look without the difficulty of actually applying a layer of wax. Rapidwaxx gives your vehicle an incredible shine and smoothness, while enhancing the color of your vehicle from the active carnauba ingredients.

For those that love the look of a freshly waxed vehicle, PolishAngel Rapidwaxx will provide an incredibly easy solution that will last several months, even on a daily-driven vehicle!


  1. Shake Rapidwaxx well before use
  2. Spray a very small amount onto a soft, microfiber towel or directly onto the surface of your paintwork
  3. Wipe until product is spread thin and evenly on the surface of one panel
  4. Immediately buff off any residue with a second microfiber towel, buffing in straight line motions

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    An exceptional, luscious look.

    Posted by KF on 6th Aug 2018

    Despite being an admitted coating junkie, I decided to give this a try after seeing some online images of a white vehicle done with Master Sealant. Even though the images were of it being used on a rather nondescript vehicle, the look the Master Sealant gave the surface was, for lack a better word, luscious. Especially notable on the curves and accent lines of body panels, the look was rich, creamy, deep and with just the right amount of gloss to catch your eye, while not being overdone, ‘hard’ or artificial.

    I ordered the kit, a very complete and easy to use combination of items, and set out to find a car that was lacking character with respect to its appearance. A low mileage Mazda with Sonic Silver Metallic paint seemed to fit the bill, a hint of metallic buried in otherwise subdued silver paint. I wanted to use a lighter colored car to see exactly how the PA combo could enhance what can sometimes be seen as an unexciting color.

    Car was decon’d, polished and prepped as one would for a coating application because, well, that’s the only way I know how to prep a car having not used a sealant since back in the “Z-product’s” heyday. Once ready, I applied the first coat of Master Sealant using an 8” DA and a finishing pad because, well, I often tend to over apply new things and this is usually the best way for *me* to get thin, even application. As it turned out, that was kinda overkill as the Master Sealant is so delightfully easy to use that applying small amounts in thin layers is easy (and perhaps easier) by hand as opposed to a machine. Even the bottle itself seems to lend itself well to dispensing just the right sized drop(s) on whatever pad/applicator is being used.

    As with most Polish Angel products I’ve tried, they just seem to be so utterly enjoyable to use. I waited an hour or so after applying to whole vehicle and then went back and buffed it off using the included Gyeon SoftWipe towels. The product came off easily and quickly and the look of the single-coat surface was quite compelling…in a very nice way. The 2nd coat, applied by hand using the enclosed applicator, went on and off even easier, deepening the look even more and accentuating the metallic that was, prior to application, present but kinda lost/buried in the silver paint. The surface also took on a smooth, warm, soft, reflective gloss that leads one (ok, maybe just me) to want to touch the surface; it’s just an inviting look.

    I waited a few hours (3 or 4 perhaps) and then went over the car with the Rapidwaxx, spraying into the Gyeon SoftWipe towel, applying to surface, buffing a bit with clean SoftWipe and the surface was left even smoother and slicker. It also seemed to up the ‘top layer’ of gloss a bit, lending a look as though there was a very, very thin layer of glass/gloss; again soft, reflective and inviting. Took about as long to apply as a quick detailer with no streaks or smudges. Another PA product that is just so very nice to use.

    As for water behavior/hydrophobics/self-cleaning, I was quite impressed how it excelled in this area. Not having used a sealant or a wax in quite some time, it was a pleasant surprise to see water move/run off the hood, leaving a very clean surface behind. It was truly coating-like in its performance. Another one that will be fun to stand in the rain and watch at every opportunity.

    The mfg claims 12 months durability, realistically likely 6-9 months if kept up with but it’s so easy, entertaining and quick to use that I could see applying every 3 months if need be. There was some question as to what exactly was in it, most notably if it contained any SiO2 so I looked into it a bit more and found some info from Travis Kent, the U.S.A. Master Distributor for Polish Angel. We had talked a bit about it at this year’s Esoteric Open house but it was nice to get some definitive confirmation that didn’t rely on my sometimes sketchy memory. He has posted the below regarding Master Sealant:

    “Master Sealant does not have any SiO2. It is composed mostly of acrylic polymers with some other things mixed in, like TiO2, to achieve the unique Polish Angel look. Also, when applying, the directions say wait 20 minutes to wipe off and 30 minutes to apply another layer. However, we have found that there is no time needed to wipe off, apply to the whole vehicle, then wipe off, and a second layer can be applied immediately after that.”

    For some reason, the overall impression of this combo leads to the use of adjectives usually reserved for food-related descriptions, most notably desserts. Dunno why, but that’s what springs to mind. It’s a look that is so comforting, classic and pleasingly rich that it’s just plain exquisite. It’s also a very ‘clean’ look that I can’t even adequately describe…but I like it very much. Now I want/need to use it on a darker color to see how it works in that capacity. It’s such a nice, easy to use combo that I’m kinda sorry I never used it before. Guess it really does pay to try new things…I’m sold. And hungry. For wedding cake, strawberries and cream or some other sumptuous dessert. Like I said, the Master Sealant/Rapidwaxx combo just evokes that kinda connection for me; don't know why, don't care why but it's very enjoyable.