Rupes LHR75 Pneumatic Polisher

Rupes LHR75 Pneumatic Polisher

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LHR75 Pneumatic
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The Rupes LHR75 is one of the coolest and most effective polishing machines we have tested in quite some time. The pneumatic random orbital polisher has a huge 15mm throw, which translates into a high level of cut in a very short period of time. Whether you're working on spot repairs, or tight areas where you need a small machine, the Rupes LHR75 will make quick work of it.

This machine is capable of the absolute heaviest level of correction, with the ability to finely polish even on the softest, most finicky paints.

The LHR75 takes 3" pads, and with a large selection available in those sizes, you'll be covered from high cut to fine finish!


- Ø orbit 15 mm
- High efficiency motor with high torque delivered
- Unique design and ergonomic control lever for a safe and comfortable handling
- On board service spanner for a quick tool servicing
- Swivelling air outlet silencer designed for low noise level with no performance losses
- Special punched back-up pad to dissipate the polishing overheating with M6 bolt
- Front body housing with soft touch plate for the best handing
- The grip in shock-resistant transparent polycarbonate is completely insulated from air lines to prevent cooling
Note: Be sure that your air compressor has a dryer installed to prevent any moisture from going through the lines. Moisture can cause rust within pneumatic machines like the LHR75, which can damage the unit (not covered by warranty!).