Sonax Spray & Seal

Sonax Spray & Seal

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Sonax Spray & Seal

Sonax Spray & Seal serves as one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to protect your car's finish. Sonax Spray & Seal requires no special surface prep, outside of simply washing and rinsing your car.

Spray & Seal serves to add gloss like a carnauba wax, while offering long-lasting protection like a synthetic sealant. The protective qualities of Sonax Spray & Seal make it more difficult for dirt and debris to bond to the surface of your car's paintwork, keeping your car cleaner and making washing much easier.


In using Spray & Seal, simply wash your car normally, following our instructions on how to properly wash your car. After you've washed the car and rinsed it, while it is still wet, spray Sonax Spray & Seal on the wet surface, then immediately rinse it off. There is no need to let Spray & Seal set up, as it bonds immediately with the paint, glass, trim, wheels, etc.

  • TIP: Use Sonax Spray & Seal out of direct sunlight, and spray it on the vehicle, rinsing from top to bottom. When you rinse it off, anything that it touches will be protected, so rinsing from top to bottom will use less product than using Spray & Seal from bottom to top.

Product Size: 750ml (25.3 FL OZ)