CR Spotless High Output Replacement Cartridges

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CR Spotless RC-20
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Product Overview

CR Spotless High Output Replacement Cartridges

Cartridge Resin Replacement for CR Spotless DIC-20 and DIW-20 Water Filtration Systems

Unscrew Old Cartridge, Screw on New Cartridge

These resin replacement cartridges are easy to install and virtually hassle free.

You can change the resin cartridges in less than 5 minutes. Simply unscrew the watertight housings and remove the spent cartridge. Then, put the replacement cartridges inside the tube and reattach it to the body of the unit.

Purchase as a single pair that will de-ionize approximately 300 gallons of water or save money with our 2-pair/4-cartridge value set.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a *replacement* set of cartridges, not an exchange. You will keep or dispose of your current set of cartridges as no return label will accompany this set of cartridges. To exchange your cartridges for a fresh set, use this link CR Spotless Resin Cartridge Exchange.

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