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Proper washing and drying techniques are the cornerstone of detailing, and it's not "proper" without the use of the Grit Guard Insert!

The problem with washing cars in the past is that the dirt and abrasive debris would stay mixed with the water. When this happens, all you're doing is re-introducing all of that abrasive material back onto the paint...thus causing swirls!

The only way to properly wash your car is to use the 2-bucket method...2 buckets, each with a Grit Guard placed at the bottom of the bucket. One bucket is for your wash/soap solution, and the other bucket is for carefully rinsing out your wash mitt. After washing a panel, place your wash mitt in the rinse bucket, and gently agitate it against the Grit Guard. All of the abrasive dirt should safely fall to the bottom of the bucket where the Grit Guard's patented design helps keep it trapped down there away from your wash mitt. Then take your wash mitt and follow the same procedure in your wash bucket. Now you have a clean wash mitt that is ready to be applied again to a small section of your dirty car. If done properly, your wash bucket should be (almost) as clean at the end of the job as it was in the beginning.

TIP: Buy a Grit Guard in each color...then if your two buckets are the same color, you'll know which bucket is which based on the color of the Grit Guard (Red Grit Guard for Rinsing, and Black Grit Guard for an example).


  • Fits in the bottom of your bucket and cleans your wash mitt, brush, towel, or other washing utensil to save your paint from swirl marks and scratches.

  • The simplest and most cost effective method for protecting your precious painted surfaces from being scratched while washing your vehicle.

  • Separates the grit from the mitt.

  • Grit Guard prevents the swirl marks in your paint, caused by improper washing.

  • The products radial designed surface extracts particles such as dirt, grit, and grime from your wash mitt, providing a clean,scratch-free wash mitt, every time you go back to the bucket for water.

  • Once dirt settles to the bottom of the bucket, the Grit Guard keeps it there by separating the wash water into four quadrants, so the water cannot be disturbed.

  • Grit Guard is not a gimmick; it is common sense...when your mitt is in the water, the fibers are fluffed up. When you rub your mitt against Grit Guard in the water, the fluffed up fibers allow for the Grit Guard to extract the dirt, grit, and grime.

  • Proudly designed and manufactured in Ohio (the home of ESOTERIC!).


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