Kamikaze Collection Shower Nozzle & Connector

Kamikaze Collection Shower Nozzle & Connector

Kamikaze Collection

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Kamikaze Collection Shower Nozzle
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Kamikaze Collection Hagakure Shower Nozzle & Connector

With a lightweight aluminum body and a 180 degree variable nozzle head, the Hagakure Shower Nozzle is the perfect solution for a multi-function hose nozzle. From the wide, gentle rinse of the SHOWER setting to the flood-like effect of the SOAKER setting the Shower Nozzle provides a rinse setting perfectly tailored for various needs of the detailing enthusiast and professional. The swiveling head makes for an easy rinse in hard to reach areas such as wheel arches and the trigger is a smooth push and release bar for easy operation.

Many detailing operations benefit from a greater volume of water as opposed to pressure and the Hagakure Nozzle accommodates both standard and light rinsing options.

The included Connector allows for a quick-connect release and fits a variety of hose connections through its multiple threaded components.


  • 180-degree variable nozzle head
  • 8 different nozzle functions (SHOWER, FLAT, SOAKER, JET, CENTER, MIST, FULL & CONE)
  • Push and release trigger
  • Rubberised grip for comfortable, secure use
  • Included swiveling 'Quick Connect' fitting connects to a variety of hoses

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