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Kamikaze Infinity Wax

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Infinity Wax
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KAMIKAZE created an entirely new product category when they developed their new INFINITY WAX...The Ultimate Hybrid Performance Wax!

Utilizing 53.7% high grade Carnauba Wax, and 39.2% Japanese glass coating, INFINITY WAX combines the best of both worlds...the amazing gloss of wax, with the durability of glass coating. Whereas most waxes will only last a month or two, INFINITY WAX is designed to last upwards of over a year! For maintenance of INFINITY WAX, it is recommended to use OVERCOAT by KAMIKAZE.

INFINITY WAX deepens and enhances the colors of your car, and will look great on everything from bright white to pure black.

For the ultimate in paint protection, use INFINITY WAX on top of one of the other KAMIKAZE coatings (MIYABI COAT, ISM COAT). The looks are absolutely amazing, and the protection is unmatched.

Directions for use:

  1. Thoroughly clean the surface and strip any previous waxes, sealants, or quick detailers by using GYEON Prep.
  2. Mix the INFINITY WAX for approximately 1 minute, then apply sparingly to the applicator pad.
  3. Apply to surface in a circular motion, using just enough pressure to allow the wax to adhere to the surface (very light pressure).
  5. Carefully buff away the wax residue with a high quality microfiber towel (or two), and enjoy your brilliant new finish.



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    Hard to describe, but quite pleasing to the eye.

    Posted by KF on 30th May 2017

    Well, in for a penny, in for a pound as they say. Have been wanting to add the Kamikaze Infinity Wax to our Miyabi + ISM + Overcoat coated car(s) because, well…just because I could. In all honesty, wasn’t expecting anything truly earth shattering from it (tough to beat the Miyabi & ISM & Overcoat combo for looks and durability) but went ahead and did it anyway.

    First vehicle was a 2016 Aegean Blue metallic Honda Civic Coupe that was coated with Miyabi (2 coats) and ISM (1 coat) back in October 2016 and maintained with Overcoat every month or so. It made it thru the Northeast Ohio winter unscathed while being used as daily transportation, garaged at night from Dec thru April, sitting uncovered in the driveway the otherwise. The coating(s) were still performing as they did at application time with stellar water shedding/sheeting behavior, self-cleaning abilities and hypnotic appearance due to ISM’s tendency to almost ‘float’ the metallic within the finish…it’s really quite interesting to see. ISM does not have that ‘hard candy’ look to it so much as have a warm, glossy glow. I’ve occasionally hit it with some Polish Angel High Gloss for those times I kinda wanted a harder, more reflective look and that has performed well in that capacity. Kinda nice/fun to be able to subtlety change the appearance every now and again with no adverse affects (entertainment is where ya find it, I guess).

    Anyway, because it had been a while, I washed, dried, and decon’d the car with an Iron Remover, washed it again (Gyeon Bathe used for both washings), wiped it down with Gyeon Prep and then stirred up the little pot of Infinity according to directions. Tough to get all the way to the bottom of the jar with the little plastic ‘thing’ Kamikaze supplies so I used a wooden skewer to stir it all about. I used a 3x5 blue microfiber applicator pad to apply (kinda painted a bit on the surface of the pad) and started applying in light, circular motions. It went on very nicely, and a little goes a long way. I’d guess that you could likely get 3-4 mid-sized vehicles outta the little jar. And it’s a nice jar at that…have to think of something cool to do with it once the Infinity is all gone. Removal after 2hrs was a breeze, just a light buffing with an edgeless polishing towel and a final buff with a red Esoteric microfiber and good to go. Application took about 30 minutes, removal about the same so it’s a pretty quick deal. After it was done, initial thought was that yes, it was certainly glossier but what wax isn’t, hybrid or not? I continued to stare at the different angles and something about it became very pleasing to my eye. The surface is certainly slicker but there is some kind of smoother, warmer, deeper look coming off of the car now; glassier for sure but (to use a tired old cliché) it has a nice, unobtrusive ‘molten glass’ look to it now…where sharp body edge and accent lines seem to blend and flow into the overall contours of the car…it’s hard to describe, really, but it looks very, very good. I’ve used a few waxes and sealants before that were supposedly top of the heap but none gave this really unique look like the Infinity does. And this is on a budget-class Honda Civic…it’s really, really nice. Hopefully longevity is acceptable although if it even gives me 6 months before the looks fade, I’ll be OK with that because the look is just so ‘fluid’ which I happen to like; others may have different (and valid) preferences. I’ll top it with Overcoat at the next wash and I really hope that doesn’t mask and of the new look Infinity gave the surface. Kinda hoping it rains soon as I’ve seen some pretty neat beading videos of Infinity and despite being more of a ‘sheeting’ guys as opposed to beading, doing both would be great…we’ll see.

    Having done the Civic, a few days later (OK…a whole *one* day later) I wanted to try it on our black 2016 Subaru WRX, which got the Miyabi + ISM combo at the beginning/middle of April 2017. I skipped the decon and just washed with Bathe, prepped with Prep and applied the Infinity. Same results as the Civic, a new, more fluid look that is ‘softly glossier’ than the coating alone. The Subaru has a lot of accent/body panels with some hard lines as well as soft curves, more so than the Civic. The Infinity seemed to take all of the contours, hard and soft, and blend them into a single, fluid entity, even glossier than before. So, 2 for 2 with Infinity giving our coated vehicles as new, pleasing look (that I really still can’t quite describe…but I like it a lot).

    Can’t wait to try it on our 2004 black Corvette with its inherently fluid design lines…

    Ok…let’s face it…Infinity Wax (especially when you realize just how small the jar is) is kinda pricey but still not up there with some of those outrageous European Waxes which likely have less longevity than Infinity (I hope). That said, is it worth it? I guess the question is “Is it worth it to you?” and that’s something only you can find out by trying it. For me, even if I go thru 1 jar a season, (applying even every 3 months if necessary) it has value in that it gives me a truly unique and pleasing look. And I’ve paid *way* more than $139 chasing products that did little or nothing to make them stand apart.

    As long as longevity of looks and self-cleaning are reasonable, I’ll keep up with the Infinity; it’s nice to have a finish you love to look at, and yet can’t really put in to words why it’s so captivating…but it is. I certainly didn’t expect that out of the Kamikaze Infinity, kinda figured ‘One and done’, but surprises like this sure are welcome.