Coatings & Sealants

Applying Gyeon Mohs+ coating to a Ferrari Enzo

Glass coating, quartz coating, ceramic them what you will, but the fact is that they're the new face of durable automotive protection products.

We now have new technologies available to us in the detailing industry that significantly increase the durability of protection upwards of 18-24 (real) months. These new technologies come in the form of semi-permanent coatings that provide the ultimate barrier between your paint (and wheels…and trim), and the harsh elements that your car is exposed to on a daily basis.

Not only will these coatings provide a protective barrier, but they also add gloss and depth to the finish, and they make subsequent cleaning of the vehicle much easier since dirt and other contaminants won’t stick to the surface as easily. When you wash your car afterwards, the paint will continuously have that “freshly waxed” and slick feeling to it.

At ESOTERIC, we are proud to offer industry leading coating products from Gyeon Quartz and KAMIKAZE.

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