Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Ceramic

Kamikaze Collection Over Coat Ceramic

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NEW For 2024

2024's new Overcoat Ceramic provides an *extremely* easy to apply, high performance ceramic coating in a spray format.

Fortified with the same carbon-nanotube technology as their hallmark glass coatings, Overcoat Ceramic is safe for use on paint, plastic trim, headlights, taillights, wiper arms and windshield cowlings and nearly every other exterior surface (excluding glass or wheels).

Extremely resistant to both acidic and alkaline exposure, the easily applied coating will leave an extremely slick & glossy finish and the self-cleaning & hydrophobic characteristics are notably strong. The water-behavior features small, fine-density water droplets. May be used as a stand-alone protective solution or as an enhanced topcoat to Kamikaze Collection's other coatings such as Miyabi Coat 2.0 and ISM Coat 3.0


  • Shake well Spray a couple of spritzes (4 or 5) into a clean microfiber towel & apply product onto surface, working it in approximately a 2' x 3' section at a time; i.e. half of a hood.
  • Buff away excess with fresh, clean microfiber towels. We like to apply with a 300gsm towel and buff away residue with a 350gsm microfiber towel or two.

Curing Time: Avoid exposure to water for 12 hours, do not wash for 7 days.

Aftercare: Wash with Kamikaze's Shampoo on a regular basis and occasionally wash/foam with Kamikaze Collection's KMKZ Acid Shampoo for a deeper, decontamination wash. If desired, use Kamikaze Over Coat and/or Quick Detailer to add a protective sacrificial layer to the surface.

While real-world testing data is pending, with proper maintenance in average usage conditions we expect longevity to be in the 6-month range.

Contents: 120ml

Consumption: Approx 30-40ml per vehicle

Shelf Life: 1 year if unopened, 6+ months for an opened bottle if stored in a dark, cool place with a tightly closed cap.

Note: 3 spray heads are included; spray heads will crystalize/harden after use.

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