Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Acid Shampoo

Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Acid Shampoo

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NEW For 2024

Performance chemistry that allows approximately 90% of dirt to be broken down in the pre-wash

Infused with carbon nanotubes and with a pH of 2.9, KMKZ Acid Shampoo is designed to easily strip excess dirt & contamination during the pre-wash stage of your wash process.

While it is designed to be used primarily in a foam cannon, it may also be used in a bucket wash if necessary. 

Key Features

  • Tremendous cleaning/decomposition power at 2.9 pH
  • Does not react with metal moldings or glass
  • Allows for up to 90% of contamination to be removed in the pre-wash stage

Dilution Ratios

  • Foam Cannon: Use 45-50ml in a 1000ml Foam Cannon for decontamination, 30ml for more frequent use.
  • Bucket: Dilute 45ml of product in 4.5 gallons (17 Litres) of water for a decontamination wash, 20ml for more frequent use.

Size: 300ml