Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Glass Cleaner

Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Glass Cleaner

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Kamikaze Collection Glass Cleaner 3.1

With improved stain removal, longer flash times, decreased residues and outstanding transparency, Glass Cleaner 3.1 from Kamikaze Collection sets a new trend in glass cleaners. Fortified with carbon nanotubes that also help to replenish windows treated with Kamikaze's Window Coat, Glass Cleaner 3.1 is an all-new formulation that boasts improved anti-static & anti-fouling characteristics.

Safe for tinted windows, use on both interior and exterior glass including coated glass!

For best results, pair it with Esoteric Premium Glass Towels, Gyeon Q2M Silk Glass Towel or Kamikaze's own short-fiber Kamiwaza Towels!

Version: 3.1

Contents: 300ml

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