Kamikaze Collection Quick Detailer

Kamikaze Collection Quick Detailer

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Kamikaze Collection Quick Detailer

The term “quick detailer” has just been re-written! Imagine a quick detailer that has cleaning abilities, removes light / fresh water spots, adds advanced protection, AND can be used on top of coatings…that’s exactly what you get now from Kamikaze Collection.

Kamikaze Collection's Quick Detailer is the perfect choice for post-wash removal of any light water spots, smudges, fingerprints & stains not removed during the wash process. Infused with carbon nanotubes, Quick Detailer provides superior anti-fouling and anti-static properties while adding a thin sacrificial layer that enhances water beading, gloss and protection. This is the perfect solution for regular maintenance of your Kamikaze-Collection coated car. 

Derived from their more concentrated Over Coat Liquid product, Quick Detailer provides a wonderful combination of light cleaning & protection in an easy to use format. Designed to be used on a freshly washed surface, Quick Detailer can be applied either wet or dry.

Quick Detailer can be used on top of your favorite coatings, waxes, and sealants from Kamikaze Collection, or as a stand-alone protection product. If the surface has more severe water spotting issues, we recommend using Water Spot Remover. The optimal coating maintenance regimen is an application of Over Coat Liquid every 2-3 months and post-wash applications of Quick Detailer as needed in between. 

Dry Application

  • Shake bottle a few times to agitate ingredients.
  • Mist onto panel and then gently buff into the surface. A little bit goes a long way; 2 or 3 sprays per panel.
  • Use a second, dry towel to immediately buff away any remaining residue.

*Kamikaze Collection's Hayabusa Super-Black Microfiber Towels are ideally suited for use with Quick Detailer.

Wet Application (when drying your car after a wash)

  • Shake bottle a few times to agitate ingredients.
  • When drying the vehicle, either mist a few sprays directly onto the panel and dry as normal.
  • Use a second, soft, dry towel to immediately buff away any remaining residue.

Contents: 250ml

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