Esoteric Premium Glass Towels (3 Pack)

Esoteric Premium Glass Towels (3 Pack)

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Esoteric Premium Twist Loop Microfiber Glass Towels (3 Pack of Towels)

Here at Esoteric, we are picky about glass towels (and everything else!), but specifically how the glass towels we use absorb grime and hold up over time. We sourced these towels from MaxShine and we put our name on them because of how well they perform, how nicely they glide across the glass when using, and how long they last. We've been testing and using these for over a year, and we can definitively say that these are THE best glass towels on the market, period.

Esoteric Glass Towel Specs

  • Comes in a 3-Pack of towels
  • Totally Lint-Free / Streak-Free
  • Quickly Wicks Away Moisture, Safely Drawing It Away From the Surface Into the Fibers of the Towel
  • Made with the Highest Quality AA-Grade 70/30 Blend Korean Microfiber
  • Meets and Exceeds the Toughest Detailer Standards (Esoteric Approved!)
  • Ability to Withstand Hundreds of Washings
  • Size: 16" by 16"
  • 500 GSM (Grams per Square Meter)

Care Instructions

  • Always wash new microfiber towels before you use them
  • Wash your microfibers with like-colors to avoid dye transfer from darker towels to lighter towels
  1. Like all high quality microfiber towels (especially the awesome towels from The Rag Company!), machine wash your microfibers with a microfiber-specific detergent like Micro-Restore or Gyeon TowelWash. Do not wash your microfibers with any cotton fabrics, and do not use any fabric softeners!
    • TIP: You can use any temperature water in the wash process. At Esoteric, we prefer warm to hot water.
  2. Dry your microfiber towels on low heat, without dryer sheets. Do not iron your microfibers (we've never heard of someone doing this, but you never know!).
    • At Esoteric, we like to dry on low heat for a longer time period, rather than drying more quickly on a higher heat. The hotter the towels get in the drying process, the higher the probability that they individuals fibers will melt together, losing their softness and absorbency.

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