Gyeon Q2M TowelWash

Q2M Towel Wash 500ml
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Product Overview

Gyeon Q2M TowelWash

Cleaner Microfibers, Better Results

Your microfiber towels need to be properly cared for in order to ensure that they are as gentle on your car's paint as possible. Gyeon Towel Wash contains a fantastic formula that will not only gently clean your microfiber towels, but they will also prolong the life of them as well.

Our experience and laboratory tests have shown that the best results in cleaning and maintaining microfibers are achieved when a ‘pure’ cleanser is used. No fabric softeners, no fragrance, no color additives – that is why Q2M TowelWash remains pure. Only a small amount of Q2M TowelWash is sufficient for a major wash in your washing machine. It deeply cleans the fabric, removing polishing pastes, debris or quartz coating staining.

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