Gyeon Q2M Foam

Gyeon Q2M Foam

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Gyeon Q2M Foam

The Ultimate Pre-wash for Coated Cars

Gyeon Foam is an excellent foaming car wash solution that helps to pull away dirt and debris without agitating the dirt against the paintwork and scratching the paint. At Esoteric, we use Gyeon Foam for cars that are heavily soiled and haven't been washed for more than a month. Additionally, we use Gyeon Foam when a car has gone through harsh seasonal weather like rainstorms or winter storms that would have built up a lot of embedded dirt and debris.

Gyeon Foam should be used as a pre-soak foam wash to soften and break down heavy dirt particles. Using a high quality foam cannon, apply Gyeon Foam to your car and let it dwell for several minutes. The car should be cool and out of direct sunlight, then left to soak as long as possible without the Foam drying on the surface. Rinse the Foam off thoroughly, allowing it to pull off as much dirt as possible. Continue with your normal car wash with Gyeon Bathe.

A thick foam is one of the major benefits of high quality snow foams. Q2M Foam builds up a very thick and deep foam, sticking to dirty areas of the paint and dissolving dirt and grime. The foam should be washed away by a pressure washer before it starts to dry.

Q2M Foam provides the opportunity to have a home-made touchless wash. It dissolves grime and road-dirt, ensuring a gentle wash afterwards. Hence it's characteristics - it not only is totally safe for your coating, but also for uncoated cars or surfaces like polished alloy rims or exterior trims.

1:5 to 1:15 Dilution

Q2M Foam is very effective, it dilutes even 1:15, giving great value for money. To keep the foam fully effective, the minimum dilution is 1:15, but in the case of very dirty vehicles or uncoated ones, it is advisable to use in a proportion of 1:5.

 - Updated 2021 Formula

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