Gyeon Q2M WaterSpot

Gyeon Q2M WaterSpot


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Q2M WaterSpot 500 ml
1.30 LBS
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Gyeon Q2M WaterSpot

Bodywork and Coating Safe

The biggest advantage of Q2M WaterSpot is its complete safety for paint and most of all - coatings. Due to inappropriate maintenance, water spots may become an issue on fresh coatings, but owning to product’s properties, Q2M WaterSpot does not affect or damage the coating. You can therefore remove the most undesirable defects by using O2M WaterSpot without needing to polish and re-apply the quartz coat.

Q2M Waterspot is very easy to use. Before applying, clean the bodywork with a HQ, gentle, pH-neutral shampoo and dry the surface. Then spray directly onto the paint or on a microfiber cloth and wipe the area affected with water spots. If having strong staining, spray generously directly onto the surface, leave for a couple of minutes and then wipe such surface few times with a microfiber towel.

Q2M WaterSpot is thick and oily, so very little product is required to cover a large area. It does not diminish or dry fast, so the cleaned area can be wiped multiple times.

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