Gyeon Q2M Glass

Gyeon Q2M Glass


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Q2M Glass
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Gyeon Q2M Glass

At Esoteric, Gyeon Glass has become a favorite amongst our team because of its fantastic smell, ability to break down oils and residues, and ability to uphold the integrity of hydrophobic coatings.

Gyeon Glass is the ultimate formula for fast, effortless and effective cleaning of all automotive glass surfaces. Removes oily residue and instantly leaves a smudge free finish. Easy to use and safe for all interior materials like leather, vinyl or alcantara.

Q²M Glass Cleaner will not affect your hydrophobic rain repellent. Spray onto a Gyeon Silk Glass Towel and clean the surface. Give the surface a quick wipe with a dry part of the towel. Do not work in full sunlight. Do not spray directly on hot glass.

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