Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Tire Dressing

Kamikaze Collection Tire Dressing 2.0
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Kamikaze Collection KMKZ Tire Dressing v2.0

With carbon nanotubes and antistatic additives incorporated into the formulation, this new generation of Kamikaze Collection's KMKZ Tire Dressing improves upon the already impressive performance of the previous version!

With no residue left behind and a semi-gloss, matte texture, it provides a fresh, clean & distinguished look for your tires.

A naturally curing urethane and acrylic resin, KMKZ Tire Dressing forms a flexible film on the surface of the tire, resisting staining and discoloration.


  1. Clean and dry tires completely with a tire cleaner & brush such as Gyeon Tire Cleaner & the Esoteric Tire Brush. Repeat cleaning cycle until Tire Cleaner suds are white.
  2. Apply evenly to the surface using an applicator such as our Esoteric Premium Applicator Pad.
  3. Allow to cure for 5-7 minutes in normal temperatures above 55 degrees F.
  4. Do not drive vehicle until product has completely cured.

Version: 2.0

Size: 300ml

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