POLISHANGEL Diver Glass Cleaner

POLISHANGEL Diver Glass Cleaner


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PA Diver 500ml
1.20 LBS
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At ESOTERIC, Diver has proven to be one of the best glass cleaners we've ever seen, producing unbelievable results with very little product. While it may be relatively expensive, this product goes A LONG way, requiring much less material than most glass cleaners.

POLISHANGEL Diver is specially developed for the cleaning and maintenance of car windshields and windows. This particular spray not only ensures a crystal clear view, but also ensures long-lasting protection with hydrophobic properties. DIVER removes the most stubborn residues for a simple and perfect cleaning operation without streaking.


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Mist a small amount of product onto a glass towel or directly on the glass
  3. Wipe product onto glass and agitate as needed
  4. Buff off any remaining residue with a second glass towel, leaving streak free, clean windows

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