PolishAngel Diver Glass Cleaner

POLISHANGEL Diver Glass Cleaner

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PA Diver 500ml
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POLISHANGEL® | DIVER is specially developed for the cleaning and maintenance of car windshields and windows. This particular spray not only ensures a crystal clear view, but also ensures long-lasting protection with hydrophobic properties. DIVER removes the most stubborn residues for a simple and perfect cleaning operation without streaking.

At ESOTERIC Fine Auto Finishing, DIVER has proven to be one of the best glass cleaners we've ever seen, producing unbelievable results with very little product. While it may be relatively expensive, this product goes A LONG way, requiring much less material than most glass cleaners.


  1. Shake well before use
  2. Mist a small amount of product onto a glass towel or directly on the glass
  3. Wipe product onto glass and agitate as needed
  4. Buff off any remaining residue with a second glass towel, leaving streak free, clean windows

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  • 5
    Polish angel glass cleaner

    Posted by Charles blum on 5th Oct 2019

    Absolutely the best glass cleaner on the market.Use 2 microfiber cloths and cannot be beat! Worth every penny. Use it on my 2019 Z06 Corvette.

  • 5
    Polish Angel Driver Window Cleaner

    Posted by Malcolm King on 16th Apr 2019

    Although it is an expensive product it works well. It left my windows spotless and more importantly streak free.

  • 5
    Best I have used to clean car windows

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jun 2018

    This glass cleaner is very good. The product works as described. I will purchase again.

  • 5
    Great Product. Takes very little to clean

    Posted by Brian D on 17th May 2018

    Best window cleaner I have ever used. I have always had trouble getting my windows clean and clear with other products. I have found my goto product.

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    May seem a bit pricey, but certainly effective...and worth it.

    Posted by KF on 8th Aug 2017

    Well, after watching another Esoteric video on Polish Angel Diver (and being a complete incompetent when it comes to interior glass) I figured why not give it a try? While expensive compared to other glass cleaners (and some glass coatings for that matter) if it works, it’s certainly worth it to me. Whether it’s worth it to you, only you can decide but after using it, I’ll definitely be keeping it around.

    I started with the interior glass using a smaller-sized Gyeon Silk Dryer towel (as I saw them use in the video) and used it to clean the windshield, side windows and rear glass. A spritz or three on the towel was enough to do half the windshield and although I didn’t really *feel* like I was getting much done, by the end of a quick wipe and buff, the glass was clean and streak free. Thinking that the easy cleaning was just an aberration, I repeated the process on the other half of the windshield with the same exquisite results. And then I did our other 2 cars just to make sure I wasn’t imagining the effectiveness.

    Now, I’ve got a variety of ‘glass only’ towels, at least 6 different glass cleaners, have previously ‘applied liberally to glass’ per instructions on some cleaners, ‘applied sparsely to glass’ per other directions, applied to a towel and pretty much any other recommended method in hopes of getting clean, streak free (and lint free) glass…all to no avail. Even when glass appeared clean, ya always end up at a stoplight somewhere, with the sun (aka ‘The Dream Killer’) streaming through the windows at ‘just that angle’ that shows streaks, smudges and poor cleaning. No instances of that since the Diver was used.

    I also used it on the exterior door and side window glass (windshield and back glass coated with Gyeon View or Kamikaze Intenso depending on vehicle) and it has kept that glass remarkably clean and streak free as well, both inside and outside. The most noticeable thing on the side windows was how it seems to prevent the streaks one can sometimes get when raising/lowering windows; since Diver application I have seen no more streaking in these situations. Another win as that side window streaking is nearly as irritating as poorly cleaned front and back glass.

    I’ve been riding around with Polish Angel Diver-cleaned windows for over a week now (sunny, cloudy, raining) and have yet to have the sun break my heart. On interior glass, the combo of Diver and the Gyeon Silk Dryer just plain works; don’t know how, don’t know why but with clean windows, I don’t care…and with how little I used I’m guessing the $60, 500ml bottle will last our 3 cars well into next spring.

    At the end of the day, whether a $60 glass cleaner is ‘worth it’ is up to the individual but for me the ability to quickly and effectively clean interior glass alone makes it so, especially given how long this 500ml is likely to last me. The effect on exterior glass is a nice, added bonus…not at the hydrophobic level of an actual coating but certainly a significant step above any glass cleaner I have used, even those ‘fortified’ with supposed sheeting properties. Glad I gave PA Diver a try…it’s working well for me. Will have to see how it holds out in the long run on the exterior but the elimination of interior glass cleaning frustration and the lack of door-window streaking make it a solid product for me.