Rhopoint Detailometer

Rhopoint Detailometer


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Rhopoint Detailometer
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Rhopoint Detailometer

A purpose-built measurement tool for the detailing industry, Rhopoint's Detailometer removes all of the guesswork from your results and provides you with a systematic method of assessing the improvement your services provide. 

A vehicle's appearance is perceived based upon a variety of factors such as Haze, Gloss, Reflected Image Quality (RIQ), Distinctness of Image (DOI) and Peak Specular Performance (RSPEC)...all of which can be measured by the Detailometer. By recording the specific surface conditions of the vehicle as received and then again after completion of the job, the verifiable level of enhancement and improvement becomes an easily substantiated measurement of quality for your clients.

Parameters of Measurement:

  • HAZE: Reflection haze is scattered light caused by micro texture and is measured adjacent to the main gloss component.
  • GLOSS: Gloss is a measure of how much light is reflected from a sample surface at a defined angle. It is measured in Gloss Units (GU) where 0 is completely matt and 2000 GU is a perfect mirror. For automotive, numbers up to 100 can usually be seen, the higher the number, the more glossy the finish.
  • REFLECTED IMAGE QUALITY (RIQ): RIQ is used to quantify effects such as orange peel and surface waviness. This parameter gives higher resolution results compared to Distinctness of Image (DOI) measurement and better mimics human perception of surface texture, especially on high quality finishes such as automotive.
  • DISTINCTNESS OF IMAGE (DOI): A measure of how clearly a reflected image will appear in a reflective surface.
  • PEAK SPECULAR REFLECTANCE (RSPEC): RSPEC is the peak reflectance measured over a very narrow angle. RSPEC values are lower in surfaces with textures including orange peel and waviness. It can be used to identify subtle differences in smooth surfaces. 

Combine the Detailometer with the Rhopoint Thickness Gauge to integrate both into a single report, indicating the level of improvement you have achieved while at the same time showing how little thickness was removed to obtain those results.

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