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SONAX Perfect Finish

Simply the best all around polish available

Save time, money, and headaches with Sonax Perfect Finish- the most versatile polish that offers unbelievable cutting ability while also finishing down for the best clarity possible. We test abrasive compounds and polishes all the time, and nothing has come close to the kind of results that Perfect Finish is able to achieve on the wide range of cars that we work on.

Perfect for Soft Paint

When dealing with soft paint systems, particularly on darker colors, it can be difficult to get a product to finish down where there's no haze when using a dual-action polisher (DA), or very light circular swirls when using a rotary. In most cases, these can only be seen when viewing the paint from just a few inches away under a strong LED light, and can't be seen in the sunshine. But when you're looking for perfection as we do at Esoteric, it's only a finished product when the surface is perfect from all angles and distances.

We work on a wide range of rare exotics all the way to daily-driven passenger cars. When all other finishing products fail, Sonax Perfect Finish was always the product to come through and save the day! Perfect Finish also works great on hard and medium paints, creating more versatility than any other polish we've ever tested.

One Step Polishing

When performing one-step polishing, there are a lot of options and ways you can go. There are light polishing processes, medium processes, and intensive ones as well depending on the level of correction you're going for with just one polish/pad/machine combination. A one-step polish session can take you as little as 30 minutes all the way up to 6 or 7 hours depending on the level of correction you're going for, and the products / processes you're using.

But for the most part, we are looking for a product / process that gives us the best cut and finish while minimizing the amount of time needed. For the enthusiast, this means more time driving a great looking car and less time polishing. For the professional, it means higher profits because you can be charging by the amount of correction, and not by the hour.

Now there are some mid-level one-step polishes out there that may cut better with the same level of finish, but they may require 2 to 3 times the amount of time to break down the polishes. Time is money, so it's usually not worth it to double the amount of effort to only gain a few percentage points of correction!

Sonax Perfect Finish is the one-step king when you consider (a) the amount of correction, (b) the level of finish, and (c) the amount of time required. We have performed (many) one-steps that achieved greater than 80% correction (with no DA haze) in as little as an hour and a half on the entire car! And some of these cars were immediately taken to shows where the finish was far better even in the sunshine to just about every other vehicle in attendance.

Obviously, your level of correction will go down quite a bit with harder paint systems, but with very little effort, you can still make a significant difference in defect removal, and overall gloss of the paint.

How to Use It for the Best Results

There are a lot of great products on the market, but if you use it incorrectly, you can significantly reduce the performance...Sonax Perfect Finish is no different. When using the product, you may find a few ways to slightly tweak your technique depending on the type of paint you're working with or the level of correction you're going for, but if you follow the guidelines below, you should be able to maximize your results with the product.

  1. Apply just 3 small drops of product to your polishing pad per working section. Our favorite pad to use with Sonax Perfect Finish is the Rupes Yellow Polishing pad.
  2. Spread the product around your working area, and with medium / medium-light pressure, work the product at roughly speed 4-4.5. Depending on how much cut you're going for, you can test a few sections at various pressures and working times to find out what's going to yield the best combination of cut / finish / time to suit your needs. Typically speaking, most working sections only require about 45 seconds of working time. We've done with more and with less, but that's a good average. Find out what works best for you.
  3. Wipe off polishing residue that is left on the surface of the paintwork.
  4. Inspect the section you've just finished to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Once again, be sure to frequently use a fresh pad otherwise your cut and finish will suffer. At least 3 to 4 pads per car is a good rule of thumb.

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