Buff & Shine Uro-Cell Red Finishing Pads

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Uro-Cell Red Pads
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Buff & Shine Uro Cell Red Finishing Pads

The absolute best solution for soft, finicky paint?!

Here at the ESOTERIC detailing studios, we have been secretly testing and regularly using these incredible pads from Buff & Shine for several years while we fully explore their capabilities and their performance.

And what did we find during that time? The unanimous reports from our Master Detailers is that they are the absolute best solution for finish polishing on soft, finicky paint. 

What makes these pads different is that they're not only very soft, but they also have a good amount of firmness that allows decent pressure. Without the right amount of pressure, it's very difficult to get soft paint to finish down at the highest level, and you can't accomplish that with just any old "soft finishing pad".

When dealing with black cars in particular, finish polishing can be a bit of a nightmare. With the Buff & Shine Uro Cell Red Finishing Pads however, you can bring your finish to a much higher level with less frustration than other finishing pads. And when dealing with piano black finishes on B-pillars, we haven't found a better solution.

For best results, be sure to change your pads to a fresh one on a regular basis. In our studio, we would use 2 of these pads for the hood, and most other areas of the car we would switch them out after every panel. Our best results with this pad has been when they are teamed with Sonax Perfect Finish.

Do yourself a favor and pick up a selection of these pads to help you increase your finish polishing performance!


  • The 3" pads are designed to be used with a 3" backing plate (standard size on the RUPES LHR75E/LHR75). These come in a 2-Pack.
  • The 5" pads are designed to be used with a 5" backing plate (standard size on the RUPES LHR15). These pads are sold individually.

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