CR Spotless Simple Chuck Water Filtration System

CR Spotless Simple Chuck Water Filtration System

CR Spotless

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CR Spotless Simple Chuck
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CR Spotless Simple Chuck Water Filtration System

Simple Chuck: Minimalist, Compact, with Replaceable Cartridges

With over a decade of experience serving tens of thousands with the magic behind the science of deionized water, CR Spotless created Simple Chuck - a line of products that must be so simple that Chuck would use it! Enter the Simple Chuck - a proprietary system with more capacity and is 100% MADE IN USA!

The Simple Chuck has almost a half cubic foot of deionized filter media and it will provide about 400 gallons of *spotless* water that allows you to Wash, Rinse and Walk Away® without fear of dreaded water spots. The system is on wheels that allow for easy placement around your work surface and at only 23″ tall, fits in nearly all RV bays and beneath the workbench as well.

Included with the Simple Chuck

  • Stainless Steel input hose
  • Pressure Regulator (use if you are unsure if your feed pressure is below 70 psi)
  • Quick disconnects for the input/output hoses
  • Wheels and foldable handle
  • No need for a TDS meter- the filter on right side changes color when expired!

When you need to replace the cartridges, you can purchase new cartridges by using this link.

Not available for sale to Hawaii or Alaska.

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