ESOTERIC Microfiber Wash

ESOTERIC Microfiber Wash

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Concentrated microfiber wash detergent that breaks down detailing chemicals and oils

Microfiber wash detergent removes the residues and oils that can be embedded in the fibers of microfiber towels. Esoteric Microfiber Wash is a concentrated cleaner that safely cleans your microfiber towels without damaging the fibers themselves.

  • Breaks down oils and residues without harming the microfiber fibers
  • Works on all microfiber blends
  • Super concentrated; 1oz. per wash load is all that is needed
  • Made and hand-bottled by Esoteric in the USA

When we sought out a microfiber cleaner, we had a simple request: find a formula that effectively cleaned microfiber without damaging the towels over time. More aggressive microfiber detergents can make the microscopic fibers brittle, making the towels lose their softness. Esoteric Microfiber Wash cleans oils and residues while keeping the fibers soft, as they were intended to be.

Besides the chemistry, we spent months deliberating on exactly what bottles and caps we wanted to use. We sourced from around the world, landing on the USA bottles and caps that you see today. We could have gone with much cheaper plastics, but we wanted something that would be worthy of the Esoteric name. When you finish the bottle, don't throw it away! The quality of both the bottle and cap mean that you can continually reuse them for a long time.

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